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Favorite Music

I like music from all genres and time periods, with the exception of country, which I can't stand. Rock, metal, and classical are my favorite. I do enjoy some pop and rap music, but I'm not crazy about the newer stuff, which is a little too teenybopperish for my taste.

Favorite TV Shows

I haven't watched much TV in the past five years or so. Family Guy and Spongebob Squarepants are the only shows still on the air that I'll actually watch every now and then.

Favorite Movies

Marie Antoinette, Pride & Prejudice, Silent Hill, La Bamba, Factory Girl, I'm Not There, Casanova, Walk the Line, Ever After, Almost Famous, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, The Last Waltz, The Seven Year Itch, A Place in the Sun, The Barefoot Contessa, Annie Hall, The Muppets Treasure Island, Beauty & the Beast, The Emperor's New Groove and dozens of others.

Favorite Books

This Lullaby, Saving Juliet, I'm With the Band, Things of Beauty, Love Is Nothing, And A Voice to Sing With, Girl on Fire, Wonderful Tonight, Across the Great Divide, Platinum Girl, Before Midnight, Miss O'Dell, Girls Like Us, This Wheel's on Fire, 24 Girls in 7 Days, Natasha, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Behind the Shades Revisited, etc.


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