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First to say: If you insult me, curse at me, call me any derogatory name, imply I am ignorant, think I am crazy, and need to take meds, call me a coward, or bastard, are into the sex porn venue, tell lies, post demonic photo's such as skulls, or dragons, or say anything to demean my character even jokingly, you will win my highly sought after BLOCKED AWARD. If you think you are so smart to question me about why I give such an Award, you too will be Awarded. I am very choosey when it comes to being my friend.

I consider my friends real friends, not simply a click of the mouse. If you want to suggest God is a hypocrite, he is not, therefore I am not. I prefer to do the right thing. I follow the Leadership ideals of IBM CEO John Opel: Respect the Individual。And follow the Lord of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I claim the Book of Mormon is true, but think the Prophet Joseph Smith fell away afterwards, and the Mormon Church today is hijacked by Satan. But it is not the Church that will save you. It is your own personal relationship with Jesus our Lord. The proof is the lies of the Mountain Meadow Massacre, and on that same day Sept 11th 2001 or 911 happened. The very Mormon Church today does not seek the truth to 911, and they follow the Republican lies. It is clear I am not a Mormon of today's Church, but a Mormon of the Days of Moroni. And that's the way it is.

I believe in the Welsh form of Democratic Government with a Monarchy Base. My inspiration is Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill and PM David Cameroon along with Owain Glyndŵr who I sense has returned.

“Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can win.”― Vince Lombardi

TheR: The Real Reverence

Raised in Up-State New York. Lived like the Amish people. No heat in our home. Worked on a farm, went to Public School. Played Football, Wrestling, and Golf. I like bike riding the best. My Father influenced me to make an Electricity Machine. I am doing it now. Went to several Universities, and decided to start the one God wants. God's University. Graduated from a Catholic College Mater Dei College. And live a lifelong commitment to study and build my own Degree Curriculum. God has told me to build his University. God's University. I have already attended Paul Smiths College, Weber State University, and Montana State University in Havre. Very much a Servant of the Lord having spent much time studying under the Benedictine Monk Thomas Merton, became a member to the LDS Church, and now no longer a member and believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon. My degree is AA Degree in Liberal Arts and my own Degree from God's University. The Lifelong Commitment Degree of Professionalism. .

Upon the 911 time, being an American I left the US after 43 years, 2 months after it hit my home state NY. I was in Boston driving Flat-bed Truck on September 11, 2001. They sent me to NY City for a load, when I saw the smoke in the sky. Never was able to pick up the load, headed back to Maine. I got my passport and left the US for China to teach Democracy to strengthen English Communication, and learn China Language. I teach English, and work on my invention. I support the Kingdom of God. Coming to China I realize how important for America to work outside of the USA, to promote English, so they know what it is, so the Military is not used as an option. The main issue to me is living in a country that believes in God, and follows Gods Commandments. God is our Monarchy and Blessing as he bestows to the Queen of England. I try very hard not to be a hypocrite. I left China Sept. 20, 2014, after teaching English and introducing Jesus the Christ.. I am an inventor, and see things differently than other people.

After 14 years in China, I would not advise anyone who believes in God and the real meaning to the Republic do NOT go there. They are big time liars, crooks, and thieves. Their Courts are very Corrupt and do not even follow their own laws. If you do go; Never invest or do trade with China until they decide to make moves toward Freedom and Liberty. People use the word Democracy these days in the wrong way. Democracy is also Socialism, but the kind of Socialism you can vote for. The issue is Democracy is right when you have a Monarchy to keep things Honest and Straight in the Government. The fact is America's Monarchy should resonate from the Native Inhabitants which are the Native American Indians. But America does not respect the rights of Original Homeland peoples.

In a Republic you do not accept to being Governed. But the Native Americans were this way at one time. A Republic is against Government, because God already is the real Government, and Republicans follow the auspices of God. At least they say they are suppose too. It is still a hope America will someday accept the truth, and establish the Rights of Native American Indians, as our honor in this vast society. For without Native Americans, we would not be here. Yet America has always considered them not here. Sad. I think.

The Republic of China is a Lie. They do not believe in God, and are determined Communist Dictators. They believe in Slavery of their people. They block everything and you are conformed to do as they say or perish. I do not ever want to go to China again, and advise Americans never go there; unless you want to loose all your money or held hostage like they did to me, for the past two years. Americans better wake up, or the Chinese are going to overrun and take over the United States. I already had a run in with them at the San Francisco Airport, and you can read my story above.

In College saw a student gunned down at Weber State University in Ogden Utah, Webster State University. My invention is called The Flying Gyro-Electric Machine Generator. Also The GEM:n God's Electricity Machine.

The Future is now and I will develop my Electricity Machine, The Flying GEM-G. aka The GEM: God's Electricity Machine. I will develop my Company in the near future, and live in Wales England my real homeland.

The US complains about illegal immigrants in the US all the time, I think Obama is right about the Immigration issue as far as embarrassing the Rich Elite who think they run everything. The Rich Elite in my opinion are really Foreigners because, since they do not keep their money in US Banks, but in Foreign Tax Havens, claiming to escape taxes, but in fact do not trust their own banking system. How is it fair the Middle Class or Poor Illegal Immigrants who work here and put their money in our Banks, and pay taxes, that they are not Citizens of America, and the Rich Elite make the poor and middle class pay for the National Debt they created, and pay for their Failed Banks when they pay nothing, knowing they have more than enough in those Foreign tax Havens, how is it they can declare they are Citizens of the United States? They are not. They are Foreigners.

I believe in Jesus Christ and following the goodness from him. I work and fight for his causes only.

If you want to know more about me, just search on the Web.
Dominic Jermano The Flying GEM-G, God's Electricity Machine Invention.

Pro-Gun. You want to shoot me, go ahead. You only send me where I want to go anyway, where there are NO GUNS. Just know this. I never pointed one at you, nor would even think of it.

Best articles:
God's University
Bringing Pollution Free Electricity to Wales England.
Petition Seeking Political Asylum to Wales in the United Kingdom
How Much Fuel In Volume Do You Think Is Wasted By Idling Vehicles At Stop Lights, and Traffic Jams Per Day Around The World?
OK For US To Sell Out 911 Freedom Tower To China?
Settling and Understanding the Meaning of Real DNA Citizenship in the World.
Why Does The LDS Church Allow Richard G. Scott To Be One of the 12, When All He Is Building is a Mountain of Nuclear Waste?
The Rich Elite Are Foreigners and Poor Illegal Working Immigrants are Citizens, So Amnesty is a Legal Agenda. Agree?
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Democracy Vs. China Communism
The Looming War Against Communist China.
China Adherence to Illegitimate Communism throughout its History and Unfortunate Present Time
To Stand Before My Good Intentions
The Supreme Court Lawsuit Case Against President Obama
Understanding The Failure of American Foreign Policy
Embracing The Modern Age: Part I, II, III
Buy Living Stock Options Instead of Real Estate
How Do They Make Electricity?
The First Man Made City on the Ocean. Equator City
How I Achieved Energy and Food Security. Do You Want to Know?
True Wonders of the World
Agriculture War
The International Institute of NonViolence.
The Fraud of American University Accreditation.
Bury The God of Gun
The Gyro-Maglev Electric Generator
The Flying GEM-G
Be a Man and Plug the Hole. I stopped the Gulf Oil Spill.


See Comments Articles I Agree with

I was not born into an Amish Family, but I consider myself to be a Christian man, living for God in his Kingdom. Now dislocated from New York, because of 911

I'd like to meet

The Lord Everyday, and Every Chance I get.
The Disciples
St. Paul
Queen Elizabeth
Prince Charles
PM David Cameroon of Great Britain
Jon Stewart
Mitt Romney
Ross Perot
Nick Vujicic
Keanu Reeves
Pope Francis
Lance Armstrong
Sam Elliott
Tom Selleck
Ralph Nader
Alex Jones
Jesse Ventura
Eddie Murphy
Dustin Hoffman
Chow Yun-Fat
Julian Assange
Bill Murray
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Pete Rose
Robert Redford
Dennis Kucinich
Ron Paul
President Putin
And anyone who is not a terrorist who wants to be my friend.


Study Issues, Continue Self Education, Teaching, Electricity Invention Building, Family, singing in the Choir.

Work to stop Global Warming, Promote Non-violence, Become like the Lord a Modern Era Religious Mormon LDS Monk Amish man without a beard. Ha. Operate my Electricity Machine, and Dome Home Green house Garden Store.


Live and get my Citizenship Rights to Wales England. I am Welsh. Being a Farmer in Wales.Working on my Electricity Machine Invention called The GEM: God's Electricity Machine, Good Health, Peace, family building, gardening, Teaching English, exercise, riding bikes, teach and practice Non-violence. Don't own a car, don't buy gasoline. I support and do my best to stop global warming. It has to be one of the most critical issues we face. Always Trying To Get Out of China, even when I am in the USA.

Favorite Music

Angelic Church Music, Gregorian Chant, Monastic Monk Choir, The Choirboys in England, Older Chinese Music, Blues, Jazz, George Benson, Lou Rawls, Louis Armstong, Maynard Ferguson, Chicago, Chuck Mangone, Emerson Lake and Palmer., Classical Music; Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven. And My Mom, the best Pianist I know.

Favorite TV Shows

News, Andy Griffin, Leave it to Beaver, The Wild Wild West, Bonanza, Big Valley, Alfred Hitchcock, Dr. Seuss. I don't like Green Eggs and Ham, I don't like them Sam I am. Star Trek

Favorite Movies

The Story on Jesus. Gandhi, Documentaries of British and Welsh History, What About Bob. Old Yeller. Chinese History Movies, Descendents, Wizard of Oz.
Most Favorite: The City of Ember ; Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Mr. Macgorium's Wonder Emporium, Descendants. Shaw-Shank Redemption.

Favorite Books

Book of Farming
Dictionary, Thesaurus.
Bible and Book of Mormon
Seven Story Mountain. Thomas Merton
Traditional Chinese Medicine Encyclopedia
History of Native American Indians
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Books about Thomas Edison and Electricity

Favorite Quotes

When given a Lemon in life, make Lemonade.

“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:25)”

The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

"Be true to yourself and you cannot be a traitor to any good cause on earth."

Favorite Heroes

The Lord, Howard Garling a Dairy Farmer I worked for during my youth on Clay St. in Lima New York. Queen Elizabeth, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Merton, AJ Muste, Rev.Martin Luther King Thomas Edison, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench. IBM CEO: John Opel , Senator Brian Schatz, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Loyd Benson, Ralph Nader, Bill Moyers, Walter Cronkite: Because that's The Way It Is. Gregor Mendel a Scientist, Monk, The Father of Genetics, never taken seriously for his great contributions, until later. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Watson and Crick, who discovered DNA. God Bless them all.

Alfred E. Smith: 4 term Governor of New York. Self Educated, never attended a University.
I Especially Like:

Cornelius Drebbel
Link: http://galileo.rice.edu/Catal...

Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray.

Jesse Ventura: I just think Jesse is the greatest individual on the planet. I have much respect for that guy.

PM David Cameroon of The United Kingdom.

Gore Vidal: American Master Of Understanding Truth

Howard Zinn: My friend

Alex Jones: Great American Journalist

Ralph Nader: Smartest American I know: http://www.informationclearin...


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