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Strictly speaking, I'm "The Much Honoured Benjamin Salt, Lord of Glencoe". I am an employed 21 year old, who isn't prone to violence, doesn't drink alcohol, and has no drug addictions or interest.
I know!
It is hard to believe.
But It's true!

I'm a long haired guy with a different personality to most and possessing more intelligence than some.

I am subject to many a misconception and have a habit of encouraging misinformation. All in all, I can not be relied on for factual accuracies.

I have an excessively logical mindset that is too inconsistent and illogical to be considered useful.

I am a strong believer in the scientific method, except when it's easier to blindly argue a preferred opinion.

I am overly cautious with a total disinterest in my own continued existence.

I consider Hemlock philosophy to be essential for a meaningful life (Or end of).

I am opposed to religious institutions and societies, but not to religious belief. This is mostly because the former is outdated and irrelevant, but the latter makes people happy.

I endeavour to be a polite person, but generally fail due to a lack of interest in others emotions or opinions.

For you stalkers out there...


I have the stereotypical human interests of Games, films, music...

Favorite Music

I mostly listen to Metal, rock and classical.
Absolute favourite is insanely hard to pick, but it'd probably be one of the following:
►Abney Park
►Cage The Elephant
►Breaking Benjamin
►Dragon Force
►Iron Maiden

Favorite TV Shows

In roughly alphabetical order
►Babylon 5
►Being Human
►Buffy The Vampire Slayer
►Criminal Minds
►CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
►Doctor Who
►Kyle XY
►Law and Order
►Law and Order Criminal Intent
►Law and Order Special Victims Unit
►Mutant X
►Myth Busters
►Pushing Daises
►Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
►Star Trek: Enterprise
►Star Trek: The Animated Series
►Star Trek: The Next Generation
►Star Trek: The Original Series
►Star Trek: Voyager
►Stargate Atlantis
►Stargate SG-1
►Warehouse 13

Favorite Movies

Cba to write a list, so my absolute favourite is V for Vendetta.


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