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Sup. the name's Jackie. Or Jack. Whatever's fine. :d Im a fun loving girl, who likes to hang out w/ friends, and draw stuff. Im also attending Tampa Bay Technical High School, and it's amazing. I have so many amazing friends, which I hope I never lose. :D

I'd like to meet

Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas and The Administration, Honor Society, Big Time Rush, All Time Low, the Maine, Boys Like Girls, Adam Lambert....so many more. :D


Drawing, talking, dancing, being random. :D


JONAS BROTHERS, Drawing, haning out w/ friends. Pretty much the basics. :D

Favorite Music

Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas and the Administration, All Time Low, Honor Society, Adam Lambert, Big Time Rush, The Maine, Boys Like Girls, so many more. :D

Favorite TV Shows

JONAS, Big time Rush, American Idol, and any show that Nick Jonas and the Administration is on. :D

Favorite Movies

Sweeney Todd, Camp Rock, JB:3D, Twilight....:DDD

Favorite Books

Twilight, Romeo and Juliet, JONAS Books. :DD

Favorite Quotes

1."Fine!! Take ur banana!!!"
2. "Im Mufasa, king of the land, I'll come smack you the bakc of my hand!"
3. "Slow down sugar, Im diabetic."
4. Logan: "You locked him in a closet?!" James: "NO! Bandana Man Did!!!"
5. Logan, Kendall, Carlos: "We're not wearing bandanas!" James: "Bandanas are COOL!"

Favorite Heroes

JB, BTR, AL, GOD [of course], my mom, and my besties, yo. :D


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