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Father of five and grandfather of seven. Enemy of evil, friend of the righteous and virtuous, too conservative for some conservatives, despised by many liberals, informed and opinionated (but reasonable) and admired by millions (okay, I made that part up). Young at heart (Peter Pan Syndrome), but trying to mature (screw that).

Skype -- stevengodellwriter
Face Book -- Steven G. O'Dell
AIM -- poignantblunder

I'd like to meet

A Republican who recalls that it was their party who freed the slaves and a Democrat who knows what a budget is. The major religious leaders of the world and have the chance to yell at the leaders of all countries and the UN reps. It's time they acted like they really serve the people and want to make a difference. So far, I am not convinced. Would also like to meet with leaders of all viable third parties in this country and demand they put aside their differences long enough to concentrate on their commonalities, so the people of this nation have a REAL independent alternative with a united front, without having to worry about 'wasting' their vote when they vote their conscience.


Writing is a major pursuit at present. I have an active imagination (which gets me in trouble at times) and a talent for putting it on the page (I credit God for that gift) . Samples of my work can be found at ctrstories.com and in my blogs at deeperthings.webs.com.


Lately I love to write. Doing a series of short stories for possible publication. Have a finished novel and two novellas. Also write lyrics of all genre, poetry, vignettes, bumper stickers, T-shirts, greeting cards (bizarre and twisted humor), hymns, psalms and a partridge in a pear tree (oops.) Have background in art, music and science.

Alternative clean energies intrigue me. Have inventive streak and desire to pursue this. High mileage devices, power devices and transportation devices in general are of interest.

I like to provoke thought wherever I can. This annoys the people who hate to think for themselves (Baaaaa!)

Favorite Music

I like music from all eras, if it reaches out and grabs me. Raised on Classical and Romantic periods, I also like Rock, Country, Jazz (not the 'choking-a-goose' type), Blues and even some Opera, Musicals and melodious rap (like Linkin Park). I still am rooted in 60's underground and likely familiar with groups you never heard of even if you grew up then.

Favorite TV Shows

History Channel (when they get it right), Science Channel, Sci-Fi Channel and others. I like gadgets, so am partial to those type of shows, although I enjoy nature programs and adventure programs too. Lately, I have become partial to such shows as Numbers, House, The Mentalist, Rizzoli and Isles, NCIS, Leverage and others with some intelligent writing staffs behind them. Alphas and Haven interest me, too. Warehouse 13 became a bit predictable fast, as did Sanctuary. I think The New Girl breaks the mold for me and will be absolutely enchanting. Who couldn't love Zooey Deschanel?

Favorite Movies

I can enjoy and even cry at a good "chick flick", which is what made my wife love me (or so she says), but I really like action/adventure films (the Bourne and Bond series are cool), psychological thrillers and many others. I have no use for 'slasher' films or some of the inane and vulgar comedy of today. I think society has fallen far enough and needs to clean up its act again. Not to say I don't like to share a steamy romance with my fave lady.

Favorite Books

Many types. History, philosophy, religion, science and more.

Favorite Quotes

When asked, 'What have you wrought?', Ben Franklin responded, "A Republic, if you can keep it." We have not. They think it is supposed to be a Democracy, what Jefferson called "The worst form of government." Makes me ill we no longer teach the big difference. No wonder we have lost so many freedoms.

I saw a shirt recently that said, "A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves." How true. We are in deep [fill in blank].

I like a lot of quotes from the founders of this nation and would love to know them personally.

Favorite Heroes

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and others. Also Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and others. (I told you I was conservative to a fault--not that I am perfect, though.)

Jesus Christ is my utmost favorite hero. He paid the price that I could not, so that I might return to my Father in Heaven.


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