Outsourcing/ Offshoring has Destroyed our Economy, Do you thin...
Corporations have killed American jobs just to save a buck, and the outcome has been devastating for business', home ...
5 votes
Outsourcing/ Offshoring has Destroyed our Economy, it should B...
Large corporations have devastated America by taking jobs away so they can profit by pennies, but they soon found out...
10 votes
Who is Your Weird Crush?
I have a massive crush on Larry David from curb your enthusiasm. Who is a strange or awkward person you have a crush on?
27 opinions
What is Your Favorite Household Chore (s)?
Post pics and Comment. thx
29 opinions
1.8 Million Abortions in Virginia, Should the State Regulate t...
A 50% increase in abortions has occurred since 2005. Racial breakdown is 24% white, 56% black, 15% Hispanic, 1% Asian...
34 opinions

likes & interests

About Me

Funny, Kind, Strong, Peaceful. Would like to obtain my PhD one day. I love interracial relationships.

I'd like to meet

The guy that played Spock from the new Star Trek movie, he was cute. Seriously, James Caveziel and Alfred Dreyfus. Mother Teresa.


I enjoy almost every thing. I love outdoor activities, love nature. Love running, jogging, hiking, biking. etc


Learning, beautiful eyes, running, reading, helping to feed abandoned babies, French language, great conversation.

Favorite Music

Techno hardcore. Christian rock. David Crowder band, All music I have and eclectic ear

Favorite TV Shows

Person of Interest, ANTM, Survivor, Fear Factor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Two and a half Men.

Favorite Movies

The Passion of the Christ, Forest Gump, Glory, Romeo and Juliet, Matrix series. etc,etc,etc. I love movies.

Favorite Books

Bible, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, basically anything by Shakespeare. Roll of Thunder hear my Cry. the Dreyfus Affair was pretty good.

Favorite Quotes

People are telling you who they are all the time, you just have to listen.
You can't tell someone the truth if they don't want to hear it (an observation I found out from this site).

Favorite Heroes

U.S service men and women.


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  • Virgo
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  • Christian
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  • Conservative
  • Black/African descent
  • Slim/Slender
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