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SodaHead Guru
He's Been Called The Da Vinci of Barista Coffee Art. You N...
Coffee artist Michael Breach has been making a name for himself for the intricate designs in his lattes and for his q...
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The Coincidence of Barack Obama
This has been around before. And,it needs to make the rounds again, so voters will understand the Obamanation's frame...
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Lightning Report
Most beautiful North American swimming holes. The winner is?
tallulah river, bridal… by Alan Cressler Flickr says: Tallulah Gorge is located in North Georgia, and is cons...
17 votes
What if you were a police officer in Ferguson right now?
It’s nerve-wracking. Nobody wants to be shot at. It’s scaryYou are putting your life on the line. Everyone has famili...
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Raising children, work, church, and travel.


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