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What Exactly Is in McDonald’s Famous French Fries?
POTATOES Mickey D's uses varieties like the Russet Burbank, which have a nice oval shape and just the right balance ...
38 opinions
Released Illegal Alien From Border Crisis Murders Woman!
We all knew that this would happen. At the rate that the Obama administration is releasing illegal aliens, it was onl...
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These Mesmerizing Science GIFs Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor.
People have lived on planet Earth for a long time. In the beginning, we didn’t know anything about science. Today we’...
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These Confessions From Retail Employees Are Both Helpful And M...
Retail/service sector jobs are a rite of passage. All it takes is a year or two for the real truth to sink in: Retail...
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This Russian Photographer Makes The World Look Like A Fairy Tale.
Margarita Kareva likes to embrace the whimsical side of life. The talented Russian photographer finds inspiration for...
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These Hideous Bugs Will Ensure You Won’t Feel Safe In Your Own...
Every night, you may think that you’re safe in your own bed, tucked into freshly laundered sheets. The terrifying fac...
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These 20 Lethal Ladies Will Give You The Chills. Seriously Cre...
While it may be historically less common for you to find a woman making deadly headlines, the following ladies are al...
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"Smartphones" hurt restaurant workers productivity. A...
A well known restaurant in New York City wanted to find out what exactly was the cause of their bad reviews. They had...
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