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Does anyone else find it amusing when a serial blocker has to ...
Sheesh. You can't make this stuff up, folks.
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Happy Anniversary, Baby
Happy Anniversary, Babe. It's been 38 years since we tied that knot and I love you more and more every day. I don't k...
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Police Shootings
Here we go again. The Austin Police Department is involved in another questionable shooting. When do the citizens fin...
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Chump Change
LOLOLOLOL! Obama offers up 5% of his salary to help out this country during the sequester. What a guy!
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Have you ever gone whining to moderators? Why did you do it?
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Snoop Dogg blazes one during BMI songwriting panel. By CHRI...
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Music fans who turned out to BMI's annual pre-Grammy Awards "How I Wrote That Song" discussion g...
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Obama Sworn in For Second Term
Do you reckon he and his supporters might finally start blaming him when things continue to go wrong, or will they st...
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Was this the same intelligence community?
Biden claims the intelligence community gave misleading or false information to the Obama Administration regarding th...
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Austin, Texas
Who gets to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers AND Neil Young and Crazy Horse in October? My wife, my friends and I will b...
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I am a center-right moderate social libertarian
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Everyone on SH, even those poor souls that hate me or have me blocked.

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Fishing,cooking on the grill,eating,listening to music

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Judge not,lest ye be judged.

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any and all the fine young men and women protecting me,my family and this country.


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