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p.s. I never claimed perfection and to those who think I am a fraud..hi from the Easter Bunny!!!! ALSO I DO NOT ADD SODAHEADS TO MY PAGE UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN HERE AWHILE. Yes Yes I'd do it over again,(THAT IS I'D ENTER CONVENT)I have been thrice blest !!


Thanks to all who responded to my first poll.Yes, I am a real nun.I taught for almost 40 yrs.I entered the convent at 18 and many yrs later I am still happy that I did.Since most convents are closed due to the low numbers of nuns now. I have a sweet little bungalow that keeps me busy along with my cat companion,Princess.A former student gave me my computer a few years ago(he even pays the monthly bill) I thought I would not like it but I could not live without my computer.I was so heartened by the many positive responses to my nun poll...Thanks and God bless XOXOXOXXO Sister Jean

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guess scarlett and rhett were in it

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That Man is You

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"live and let live"

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  • Sister Jean 2014/10/11 15:35:47
    Sister Jean
    that's GREAT!!!!!! betty boop Saturday
  • wildcat 2014/10/11 02:45:32
    We did win our first game 40-38 Friday night. Thanks for your support. The guys now have a two hour bus ride home.
  • spherical 2014/10/07 01:45:52
    Thank you for accepting the friend request. You seem very nice. Have a lovely day/night. :)
  • wildcat 2014/09/29 16:58:55
    I had my first question copied today. It is sort of funny isn't it.
  • Sister Jean 2014/09/26 15:49:32
  • wildcat 2014/09/15 13:05:58
    We're on our way back to Kansas from MN. Teacher inservice day today and since I'm a classroom aid. No work. Oh yes, I wasn't cheering for the Patriots yesterday.
  • wildcat 2014/09/15 03:07:19
    Can you guess where I've been today?
  • Sister Jean 2014/09/14 15:45:44
  • cjd 2014/09/14 04:29:37
    Aloha! I'm back. I hope everything is well with you. Big Hugs!!
  • wildcat 2014/09/06 13:43:41
    kid with joan
    Our daughter with Joan, she really liked Joan Rivers and thought she had a great mind and a wonderful personality. I personally had never met Joan.
  • **Bessie** 2014/09/05 17:26:15
  • MO.gal 2014/09/01 04:25:56
  • Dee 2014/08/31 20:38:03
  • wildcat 2014/08/31 14:16:14
    Happy Sunday
    Princess doing better?
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2014/08/26 18:41:44
    Just passing by to say hello!

  • wildcat 2014/08/20 23:54:50
    My nose is itching: how is your fibromyalgia doing now?
  • MO.gal 2014/08/16 04:08:24
    Have a good evening dear friend!
  • dkaz 2014/08/11 07:29:53 (edited)
    Thanks for the SHF!
    Thank you
  • MO.gal 2014/08/08 03:52:37
    I wanted to say goodnight before I logged off, it's my bed time. Have a good evening and sleep well. Hugs.
    goodnight sweet friend
  • addie 2014/08/08 00:03:14
    Hi, I miss you too...

    I have not been on and wont be for a short while because I had to move out of my apartment at a moments notice last Thursday morning. I high tailed it to my mothers loft, which happily is vacant. my wifi does not work there however. my dog is thrilled because we are across the street from a great dog run and I am thrilled because we are near a 7/11! I could drink 100 slushies a day!

    A leak weakened part of my building and now they have to redo a couple of apartments. having a redo is nice, I guess, not convenient, but nice.

    gabby had a mini stroke, so I took her to a neurologist and found out she also has a touch of dementia, she is 16. He said it would progress very slowly, but she may get confused sometimes.

    I hope you and Princess are doing well and staying cool. B)
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