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Happy Birthday Sega Genesis: Favorite Sega Genesis game?
20-years-ago, the Sega Genesis was introduced to the world! It had great games... any personal favorites?
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Rumor: Roger Rabbit 2 Coming Soon - Do you hope this rumor is ...
Remember the 1988 movie called "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"? The movie where humans and popular cartoon charac...
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Black Nintendo Wii Coming Soon: What other colors would you li...
Finally, Nintendo will be launching a new color for the Nintendo Wii: Black. The Black Wii console will first launch ...
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Refurbished iPhones for $79 - Worth it?
Apple is now selling refurbished 3G iPhones for $79! If you think about it, buying a refurbished iPhone is a gamble. ...
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Woman Who Falsely Cried Rape Jailed For 1 Year: Does she deser...
An innocent man was very close to be locked up in jail for 10 years after she met a woman on the internet that falsel...
276 opinions
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PlayStation Phone in the Making: Better than iPhone?
Starting July 2009, Sony has announced that the making of the PlayStation Phone will begin. Sony has also announced t...
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Goodbye Analog TV: Can someone videotape the last 30 seconds o...
Farewell Analog TV, hello Digital TV. Since today is the last day of Analog TV broadcast, I thought it will be a good...
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Obama's Mexican Twin - Are they related in any way?
Obama's secret Mexican twin, could it be? They sure do look alike.
55 opinions
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TV Stations Volume Normalization: Do you hate it when commerci...
Okay so, even after 50+ years, television stations STILL can't get the concept of volume normalization correct be...
57 votes
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likes & interests

I'd like to meet

Fredwreck... best music producer ever


Hanging out with my cousins and friends, Eating junk food, Bowling, Basketball, SodaHead, cars, digital imaging, video editing, mixing and blending music,


Anything that is fun! I love challenges whether we play basketball, basketball, or simply just trying to be better than you.

Favorite Music

Various Artist

Favorite TV Shows

Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, The Boondocks

Favorite Movies

Born in East LA, Friday, 300, Saw, Bad Boys 2, The Gremlins 2, Training Day, Scarface

Favorite Books

Stormbreaker, Lovemark, HTML For Dummies

Favorite Quotes

"Never regret the past... learn from it"

Favorite Heroes

Los Angeles Dodgers Graphic
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