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Should MCR "Suge Knight" the Jonas Brothers?
Since SodaHead from a music standpoint is made up mainly of MCR and Jonas Brothers fans, I think this should spark so...
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Who will win the College Football BCS title game on January 7th?
The 2007-2008 Allstate BCS Championship Game is as close to a home game for LSU as it gets. The crowd definitely will...
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Was Joe Torre right in turning down a 1yr/$5 million offer fro...
Joe Torre is out as manager of the New York Yankees, rejecting a substantial pay cut after the team failed to make it...
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Who will win the 2007 World Series?
Update: The Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies in a fairly uneventful Series. Mike Lowell was named MVP of the...
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Who will win the 2007 NLCS?
In the MLB National League Championship Series, the Colorado Rockies take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Although the D...
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How much did you pay for the new Radiohead album?
The album, titled In Rainbows, is slated to be released October 10, 2007. On September 30, the band's website was upd...
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Who will sell more books? Stephen Colbert or Paul Krugman?
On The Colbert Report last night, Stephen Colbert has announced that if his book, "I am America and So Can You", sel...
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