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Being lazy.
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What's a great second language to learn besides English?
I've been considering learning a second language but haven't decided what language to olearn yet.
9 votes
So how do you feel about a 44 year old marrying an 18 year old?
My little sister's best friends just randomly married her next door neighbor who is 26 years her senior. I think it's...
116 votes
Lightning Report
Do you think Marilyn Monroe would have became famous if she wa...
Do you think a young Maryily Monore could have became famous in today's society? Do you think she had what it took?
19 votes
Who's your favorite Hemsworth brother?
Both Hemsworth brothers are sexy as hell who do you like more?
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About Me

I'm a pretty fun person. I just turned 22 so I'm having lots of fun. I love my job and caring for animals. I hate loud mouth people and people who just talk to hear themselves. If I say I'm going to do something I'm going to do it, it might take me a minute but I plan on accomplishing everything I set my mind to. I also don't put up with bullshit. I tend to call people out on there shit. That's just how a I am take me or leave me. :)


Dying My Hair, Watching My Nephew, Texting, Hanging With Friends, Reading, Working, Fourth Street Live


History, Trivia, Learning, Music, Animals, Books, Work

Favorite TV Shows

Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and The Big Bang Theory.

Favorite Movies

Gone with the WInd, The Avengers, 21 Jump St., John Carter, Dr. Paranus's Imaginarium, The Talented Mr. Riply, The Hunger Games, and Kill Bill 1&2


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  • gkirmani 2012/05/30 18:15:18
    hey great FUN PERSON you are seriously WELCOME
  • Party of One 2012/05/14 16:02:30
    Party of One
    Okay. I'm not sure how that'd affect your security or well-being but it doesn't matter...it was just a question born of curiosity and a casually friendly approach, that's the way I am with anyone on SH, lol. Nice of you to respond just the same. Best wishes for success in whatever it is you're shooting for ;)
  • Amit 2012/05/14 07:02:45
  • Party of One 2012/05/12 01:11:45
    Party of One
    In what field are you working? In what course of studies are majoring/minoring? Do you plan to stay in the area or will your search for a career lead you out of the area?

    Nosey, aren't I? :)
  • jt 2012/05/10 17:29:49
  • jt 2012/05/09 22:40:16
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