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if you're blocking me, kiss it!!
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Do atheists bash Muslims or are they just obsessed with Christ...
Out of all the religions in the world, atheists constantly attack Christians. I don't see them ever going after Musli...
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Donald Sterling refuses to pay $2.5 million fine. Should he? O...
Banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is refusing to pay a $2.5 million fine leveled by the NBA over his ...
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Are there any liberals left on SodaHead?
I don't see much debate here lately.
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Katy Perry did not allow GOP parents to watch her perform at O...
I think family should come before politics so I would give her a "how dare you".
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Feminist attack first lady Laura Bush over her nomination to t...
It's official. The National Organization of Women has finally and completely rendered itself irrelevant. Its 84-ye...
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Fort Worth considering smoking ban on all city employees... ev...
I disagree! Fort Worth, Texas, is considering a smoking ban for all city employees — both at work, and at home. In...
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I am here to discuss opinions. I am conservative, but I don't toe the GOP line on every issue. Childish bantering and name-calling is not my style. I actually like having conversations. If you continue with meaningless bantering, you may receive sarcasm or an occasional snark, but never a block. I will just consider you lame and uneducated. If you block me I will consider it a favor as I don't prefer to converse with cowards and I do hope you kiss it on the way out. :-)


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