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Zombie apocalypse pick up lines
Give us your best Zombie Apocalypse pickup lines. ex: "If I were a Zombie, I'd eat you, cause you look yummy"
6 opinions
What High School Clique Did You Belong To?
3 opinions
What song should I do for my audition????
It has to be a caboret type song, 32 bars. I'm not sure what 32 bars mean or what a caboret type song would be, but p...
5 opinions
anyone want to talk?
mssge me if you do. im slightly bored.
0 opinions
What are you celebrating this holiday season?
And please explain what the holiday is and what it means to you. ( I really only know what Christmas and Hannuka are)
2 opinions
What is your biggest fear?
spirals. and cannibalism.
23 opinions
Do you like this type of hat?
I personally like many types of hats.
1 opinion
What makes people be rude to others?
There is a girl who has virtually no friends besides me. I feel like i am the only one who stands up for her. Everyon...
8 opinions
Am I pretty?
just for the fun of it.
33 opinions
Do you like Invader Zim?
I personally think that the show is just amazing. and gir is jus soo cute!!!
36 votes


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