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Do high school push sports over learning
16 level
Is it a victory for bullies?
Recently a boy who was the victim of bullies, after reporting it through the proper channels with the school and pare...
3 opinions
Does the US deserve the guilt trip over its late entry into Wo...
As an American living in the UK, I sometimes get stick over the US not entering World War I until 3 years in. While I...
56 opinions
Should we change the way the national champions in the NCAA ar...
It's coming to the end of the college football season and I suppose the same arguments about the bowl games and who s...
12 opinions
Have you or do you know anyone who served in Lebanon in the 80s?
I am currently beginning to write a book about the experiences of the marines in Lebanon. Although it will be fiction...
0 opinions
Did you remember?
Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the bombing in Beirut which killed 241 marines. I put a heartfelt message on fa...
2 opinions
Good bye doesn't mean forever
I regret to say that I have to suspend my Soda Head activities for a few months. This is because I am in the process ...
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Jesus and the homosexuals
The Pharisees catch two homosexuals in the act and bring them to Jesus. Would he say.....
67 opinions
What movies have you seen that you know its rubbish but you st...
This one is definitely the case for me
15 opinions
Are the Chiefs the team to watch this season?
I get this impression that they just might be
1 opinion
Was Chester Arthur a good president?
What I've read about his presidency, I get the impression that while he didn't seem to do anything majorly brilliant,...
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