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Don't Be Sad! It's Rex Manning Day!!
Oh Rexy, you're so sexy!!
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What do you think of this Blog? "Just Because He Breathes&...
(Please Note, Author of Poll is not Author of the Blog) Just Because He Breathes June 1, 2009 – 2nd Day of 17...
73 opinions
A new hero...thank you Uncle Tony and your wonderful partner f...
By tracking down distant relatives, 'extreme team' places teens in forever homes MCT: David Eulitt, Kansas City ...
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To that guy who made joke about me to my boyfriend
((Note: Author of Blog is not the author of this poll) TO THAT GUY WHO MADE A FAT JOKE ABOUT ME TO MY BOYFRIEND ...
80 opinions
Some things I have learned working in the travel service indus...
1. Most people are kind, pleasant and patient. They make the day so pleasurable. 2. People will bitch and moan about...
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I'm The Duke University Freshman Porn Star....
(please note: Author of poll is not the author of the article) I'M THE DUKE UNIVERSITY FRESHMAN PORN STAR AND FOR...
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Lightning Report
I miss you guys... would you miss anyone should you be not as ...
I miss playing on here, and I miss my phamily. A bunch. So, I just wanted to say that I miss y'all, and I hope you h...
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On a day when the whole world begins to diet...
This is what we had for breakfast. Plus gravy. What did you have?
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Happy Solstice
Happy Solstice. Be blessed with the gifts of this darkest night and know that even in the deepest dark the light does...
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