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Other than God, How Many Worship Something else?
I recently met a pagan who worships Thor.
130 opinions
Is Support for Obama down because:
A lefty reporter on Fox claimed it was fear of ISIS. I think it is anger over lack of real action. Also that he let i...
36 opinions
Do You Believe this Feud Between The Clintons & Obamas is ...
I just received another email from Regenery Publishing talking about this alleged Feud.
25 opinions
Why does the Left of Other Countries Feel Our Business is Theirs?
They obsess on the politics of a country not their own.
113 opinions
How is That Military Gun Ban Working?
Our military are banned from carrying guns on their bases.For what purpose?
83 opinions
Do Liberals Like Thomas Jefferson when he said "To compel ...
No, They pick and choose what they like about him and ignore what they don't want to acknowledge. Like that he Believ...
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Conservatives: Is Ted Nuggent really one of us?
I have never thought of him as a great Conservative, do any of you?
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Will New York City go the same way as Chicago and Detroit?
I think it is headed there.
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I live in Denver


Books, spending time with friends and cousins. Politics, Religion, Current events

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Classic Rock

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Star Trek, Stargate, Babylon 5, Moonlight, True Blood, Eureka, Haven, The Closer, the CSIs, NCIS,Reba,Talk Radio, Rizzoli & and Isles, The Glades

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Star Wars, The Fellowship Of the ring Trilogy, Star Trek

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writers Christine Feehan, Charlaine Harris,Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jayne Krentz,Diana Palmer,Catherine Coulter, Sandra Hill

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George Washington


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