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Did you know UFO's have been deactivating US and UK nuclea...
Since 1948 Ufo's have been hovering over US and UK nuclear missile sites and deactivating the weapons, according to C...
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Are "persistant contrails" the reason for high alumini...
" Weather manipulation through contrail formation is in place and fully operational " according to Dr Coen Vermeeran ...
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Do you have a choice between green electricity or fossil fuel ...
I have a choice . I choose green generation for my electricity provider. It is generated from hydro, wind and geo- th...
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Is this the real choice ? Preserve jobs or lower CO2.
So often it seems the loss of jobs is an argument used against battling climate change. But is this real? Doesn't ...
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If you have your own business is it doing OK at the moment?Are...
I have a small business and sometimes it does well, sometimes it does not. When it's going well I'm happy as can be. ...
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What caused these giant craters to suddenly appear in Siberia?
Several giant craters big enough to fit a multistory sky scraper into,have appeared in Siberia and no-one knows what ...
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TopTen things more dangerous to your life than terrorism
We hear a lot about the threats to your safety from terrorism. But what are the real threats in your everyday life....
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Are there NSA spies on sodahead? If so who are they? Name them...
Do you have someone who you suspect is watching everything you do on this site. Maybe someone who is one of your fri...
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Does it bother you that the NSA is spying on journalists and t...
The NSA is spying on everyone and everything you do on the internet. Think about that for a minute. They know who you...
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Does the American Military Industrial Complex want war with Ru...
Putin, Merkel, Holland and Poroshenko have brokered a deal for a ceasefire in Ukraine. Even though Putin has denied d...
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About Me

I am a self employed,self educated business woman running three businesses from my home, situated in the countryside about an hour out of Auckland,our largest city. I have dabbled in Art,Antiques,ceramics,furniture design,landscaping,and travelling.I spent a year in south east Asia where I had a restaurant on a Thai Island. I love birds and live with a large flock of free range chickens and around twenty peacocks.I live in a valley in a wilderness area surrounded by bush covered mountains.I have a river running through my land with no neighbors in sight.I have been here for twenty years and love it. My businesses don't take up much of my time now so I am free to pursue my interests most of the day and night. I am a bit of a hermit at night but am in constant contact with a wide range of people during the day.I stopped driving a car or flying 8 years ago.I try to live a carbon neutral life and succeed most of the time.I am an environmentalist and cherish and nurture nature in my home environment. I am a bit psychic and have seen many things coming; 9/11,Princess Dianas death,Global recession,Michael Jacksons death,Property crash,and more.I only share my premonitions with those closest to me and choose not to develop these abilities further.I am a happy,healthy,self determining,opinionated person who loves life,animals,plants,trees,riv... feels huge sadness and concern for the degradation of our beautiful extraordinary planet.I do all I can to tread lightly upon her.She is the mother of us all.

I'd like to meet

A lot of them are dead. Einstein,Leonardo Da Vinci,Isaac Newton ,Siddartha,Jesus, Nostradamus,Edgar Casey,Heath Ledger,Rene Lalique, Michael Jackson,River Phoenix,/ Barrack Obama,Stephen Hawkings,Prince William,Prince Harry,Sting,Angelina Jolie,David Attenbrough,Johnny Dep,Taylor Lautner,Kristin Stewart.


Gardening, planting trees,wine making,feeding chickens and collecting eggs,hiking,swimming,sailing,...


Astronomy, climate science, world events,geology,writing, sailing,wine making,self sufficiency,cooking,landscaping and gardening, growing my own fruit and veg,firewood,eggs,meat etc.

Favorite Music

Led Zeppelin,Miles Davis,Marvin Gay,Michael Jackson,Simply Red,Van Morrison,Bob Dylan, St.Germain,U2,The Verve,Sade,Cat Stephens,Crowded House,INXS,Red Hot Chilli Peppers,Santana,Al Green,Vivaldi,Beethoven,Debus... Neil Young,Joan Armatrading, Lorreena McKennitt.

Favorite TV Shows

David Letterman,Seinfeld,Friends,The Daily Show,Coronation St .Early Star Trek,Parkinson, Docos,Animal planet.

Favorite Movies

The English Patient, Great Expectations -Ethan Hawke/Gwyneth P.My own private Idaho, Seven Years In Tibet,The Twilight Saga/New Moon,Avalon,Avatar,The Beach,A Knights Tale,Stealing Beauty,Life as a House.....

Favorite Books

The twilight Saga,Brideshead Revisited,Prophesies of Nostradamus,The Audacity of Hope, Lots of technical books on gardening,winemaking,antique guides,ceramics,glass,furniture etc

Favorite Quotes

"Age is just a number,Baby" Jacob Black New Moon Stephenie Meyer.

Favorite Heroes

Angelina Jolie,Barrack Obama,Al Gore, David Attenbrough,Jacque Cousteau,Nelson Mandela,


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