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Do you love and embrace MORALITY but despise religion?
I am a follower of Jesus, but am constantly turned off by people claiming to be Christians, whose shallowness or into...
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Can we finally end 'career politicians?' Why can't...
Present system flawed, corrupted and broken. We CAN do better. Often 'richest' candidate wins, not the 'best.' We the...
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Enjoy writing poetry, songs, articles. Conservative values, Retired, Widower,


Family, Fishing, Cooking, Ping-pong, horseshoe pitching, carpentry, Scrabble, Politics, Bible studies,

Favorite Music

Most Contemporary Christian, Hymns, Blue grass instrumentals, Early Country & Western, 50s and 60s oldies.
Soft rock

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Fox News, Hallmark or Disney movies, TBN, Modern stuff seems too crass and trashy

Favorite Movies

Secretariat, Magnificent Obsession, Faith like Potatoes, Second hand lions, (dislike shocking, sensational, sci-fi
violent, creepy, waste of time, sordid stuff)

Favorite Books

The Bible


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  • RandyScott (Party of One) 2012/08/17 12:26:05
    RandyScott (Party of One)
    I hope that you accept my friend request.
  • RogerRover 2012/03/23 17:42:11
    Values are important. Morality matters. One of the biggest causes of erosion of character in U.S., is the breakdown of the family as traditionally defined by our constitution. Families which teach their kids not to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL, give them the tools they need to be successful. To toss these values out the window and attack a court system which basically honored a biblical (10 commandments) approach to law enforcement, leaves this country in a shambles morally.
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