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Who knew love could be so amazing? <3
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Do you hate being tickled?
The only person who knows how to tickle me is my boyfriend, I don't like it when people poke me in the side, or jab m...
44 votes
Ever scared yourself, then laughed your ass off?
Everyone does it right? Scared themselves on accident, then laughed their asses off. Yeah, my cat scared me, and I la...
25 opinions
Ever been so happy, you just kind of float through the day?
My boyfriend told me he loved me two nights ago and ever since then, I've been on Cloud Nine, anyone else?
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What do you want your nickname to be?
Everyone enjoys a good nickname, right? What's yers?
36 opinions
Where the crap do you find Reese's Whipped???
This is my boyfriend's favorite candy, but I can't ask him where he gets it, because I don't want to ruin the surpris...
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I F*CKIN HATE WOW! Girls, do your bf do this??
So, I go over to my bf's to spend time with him, and one time, I was laying on his bed and he started playing Wow!!! ...
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What do you NEED?
In my other question I asked what people wanted, now, what do you need?
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What do you want?
The main thing humans want is to be accepted, but tell me, what do you want now?
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Do you down yourself?
I know I do...I don't see why other people do though. People have flaws, shit happens. And what happens, happens for ...
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About Me

Um......I'm really into expressing myself, and I'm very spiritual, but sometimes act as if I have no soul. I am a very careless person, but I don't like two against one, so if ya ever need help in a fight, I'm the first person you might wanna call! Um...My fav Ice cream is Bubble Gum! Amazing! I love Anime!! I have long brown hair, goldish eyes, not like that fag tards off Twilight! I'm tallish, really skinny, I wear really baggy clothes, so you can't see anything. Like my boobs. I like covering myself, I think I'm very modest. Um....I'm learning the drums. I am going to be a singer, or motorcycle mechanic. Um..........I LOVE motorcycles!!! I cannot stand it when people have given up hope on anything. I don't believe in God, but I still have hope in myself and those around me. Shit happens, I have a pretty rocky past, but who doesn't now days? Shit happens, my life's moto.

Someone, I like told me to add this if a real TH fan so........
. Real TH fans have this on their profile. ♥♥♥
█████████████100% TOM KAULITZ FAN!
♥___♥_♥___♥ Heart on your
_♥___♥___♥_ Page if
__♥_____♥__ You love
___♥___♥___ Someone ♥

I'd like to meet

As long as you're funny, are into expressing yourself, And can whoop anyone who pisses me off, or if you're willing to take over the underworld with me, that's fine too!!!!! Lolz!


Anime, Guitar, Piano, singing, drawing, swimming, soccer, baseball, tennis, Greek Mythology, motorcycles. Um..............Yeah.


Anime, Guitar, Piano, singing, drawing, swimming, soccer, baseball, tennis, Greek Mythology, Baggy pants, and shirts.

Favorite Music

Tokio Hotel, Breaking Benjamin, Anything hardcore, Country, Techno, Rave, Animated. Anything!

Favorite TV Shows

Fringe, Family Guy, Bones............I can't think of anything else right now.

Favorite Movies

Inu-Yasha, Terminator 2, Labyrinth, Anything good!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Books

Nightworld, Inu-Yasha, House of Night, Vampire Acadamey, Wicked Lovey! Good stuff~

Favorite Quotes

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

I don't know who said that, but it's true.

Favorite Heroes

Leaders. My mother, father.


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