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The Razor Fanged Vixen of The PHÆT
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SodaHead Guru
On Your Mark... Get Set... COME!
That's right, 'not Go' but COME! As in 'come' get caught up in the celebration that is Phaet Week 4. (You...
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Anyone Up for Some 21st Century Rochambeau (ro-sham-bo)?
Pick one, any one; (I'm bored and my work day is going by so slowly that time seems to be moving backward...
76 opinions
Happiest Birthday to Mahogany Goddess!
Come One, Come All: (Those whom I haven’t exiled, anyway :-) Please join me in celebrating the an...
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Have You Ever Apologized to Someone Here on SH?
They say that almost ‘nothing is impossible’, so riddle me this: Have you ever had a "disagreement" with som...
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20 = 1 Party (I Told You So!)
The 'irrefutable evidence' is in, folks. I've been saying it for ages: Level 20 is exactly the same as leve...
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So, What Kind of "Troll" Are You?!? *lolz
So okay: On the 'net a lot of terms get overused, (or completely misused all together) but the one that's probabl...
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"How Dare You Block Me!" *lolz
Nah, just kidding: This is actually a post of acknowledgment and sheer gratitude. I want to...
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"I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends!"
…Said every reality show contestant there ever was. *lolz But seriously; as the end of the year draws nigh...
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If You See a Stranger with Food in Their Teeth, Do You Let The...
So okay; Say that you’re out and about and you happen to notice that someone whom you don’t know has a smudge...
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Nice Person on the Month, November 2013
2, 4, 6, 8; Here’s who we appreciate! For October, the Nice Person of the month is: The usua...
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About Me

New year, SAME 'disclaimer':

Contrary to what many people seem to believe, this website is meant for entertainment purposes only, and I am only here to be entertained.

I am not here to 'make a difference', nor to "save the world."

I'm not even here to change anyone's mind, especially as that's a futile endeavor; the only person who can sway anyone's opinion is that person, him or herself.

Again, I am here to be entertained and to have fun; not to provide any entertainment for anyone else, and not to be the target of anyone's passive-aggressive "venting."

Life is far too short to deal with people whose only goal is to be as big of pain in the ass as possible; and so let this post serve as notice that I will block absolutely anyone whom I find too annoying, regardless of any political or religious affiliation or beliefs they may have.

Anyone who has an issue with my 'modus operandi' always has the option to just not deal with me.

After all, there's allegedly half a million other strangers here to argue with; and if I (or anyone else) chooses not to engage you in verbal discourse, I promise life will still go on...

option deal strangers argue chooses engage verbal discourse promise life


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