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Children of the 70's and 80's (and in some places, the...
Ah, the classic Saturday morning programming of yester-year; Back when tv didn't just 'entertain' youngsters, it ...
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Agree or Disagree: There's Almost No Real Debate on SH, Ju...
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Which One is the Worst?
Sometimes, the worst pain is that for which we have no one to blame but ourselves. Just as I was finishing my lu...
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Melz' Guide on How to Argue Like a Spoiled 5 Year Old on S...
DO: Be defensive, right away, all of the time, without thinking. So, you made an innocent and h...
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Phaet! Phorever! (Rave Party)
Remember, remember, The 12 th of September, Amidst all the drama and rot I know of no reason Why the Pha...
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Insane World: When You Have to Worry About The Police Just as ...
I know I usually try to stick to fun and humor, but this is no laughing matter. What's really upsetting about thi...
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So Just How 'B!tchy' Are You?
No seriously; It's a quiz. http://www.brainfall.com/quizzes/how- bitchy -are-you/1/ At a surprisingly ...
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Whose Side Are You On, Anyway: Best Summer Avatar?
It’s been a while since the Astro Originals posted a fun question. So without further ado, whose summer t...
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What Makes a Person Commit "Social Network Suicide"?
If nothing else, this site is a good resource for observing the antics of others. And if you’re a natural ‘pe...
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Who's MORE Annoying; Members Who Complain About Blocking, ...
Yeah, it’s yet another post about blocking… but I’m bored and not remotely interested in any of the other topics th...
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About Me

New year, SAME 'disclaimer':

Contrary to what many people seem to believe, this website is meant for entertainment purposes only, and I am only here to be entertained.

I am not here to 'make a difference', nor to "save the world."

I'm not even here to change anyone's mind, especially as that's a futile endeavor; the only person who can sway anyone's opinion is that person, him or herself.

Again, I am here to be entertained and to have fun; not to provide any entertainment for anyone else, and not to be the target of anyone's passive-aggressive "venting."

Life is far too short to deal with people whose only goal is to be as big of pain in the ass as possible; and so let this post serve as notice that I will block absolutely anyone whom I find too annoying, regardless of any political or religious affiliation or beliefs they may have.

Anyone who has an issue with my 'modus operandi' always has the option to just not deal with me.

After all, there's allegedly half a million other strangers here to argue with; and if I (or anyone else) chooses not to engage you in verbal discourse, I promise life will still go on...

option deal strangers argue chooses engage verbal discourse promise life


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