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How to get in touch with Nakahara Aya?
Hello guys, I just wanted to know the email address or the contact details of the managaka Nakahara Aya, because she...
0 opinions
Apple Macbook VS Apple Macbook Air VS Apple Macbook Pro!
I have asked a question lately about which is the best laptop brand and I decided an Apple would do since I'm interes...
18 votes
What is the best laptop brand?
Hi guys... I just wanted your opinion about laptop brands because I'm getting a new laptop (yay!) and the thing is.....
10 votes
Twitter VS Facebook?
What do you think is better? Twitter or Facebook ?
7 votes
'New' Jesse McCartney VS 'old' Jesse McCartney...
I am a Jesse McCartney fan and I want to see your opinions because I really miss the young Jesse ;( Whatever, he's s...
40 votes
What will you do if...
What will you do if you saw a snake that has been hiding all day long?
5 opinions
Zac Efron VS Jesse McCartney?
Who is cutier than the other? Who is hot than the other? Who is awesome?
8 votes
Lady GaGa's Clothes?
What do you think about lady GaGa's clothes?
163 votes
Lady GaGa's Songs / Video Clips
What do you think about Lady GaGa's songs and video clips? Example: Watch Bad Romance's video clip... Does it ha...
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  • lee 2011/08/10 05:18:06
    nevr mind.im busy alot same may b our condition
  • ScrooBius pip 2011/07/22 12:46:21
    ScrooBius pip
    thanks for the rave, how long have you been on the site? you may have already noticed the level of anti-muslim bigotry present on this site. please know that these people have been fed lies about muslims for decades now, and don't really know any better. they are to be pitied. don't let them aggravate you because of their ignorance :)

    and welcome to sodahead :)
  • lee 2010/09/21 16:04:02
  • lee 2010/09/12 07:13:22
  • lee 2010/09/12 07:04:48
    wow what a name
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