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What is Obama's agenda for meeting up with Wisconsin's...
Big Unions and liberal progressive democrats have been on a witch hunt against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker since ...
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Michael Avery, Massachusetts Law Professor declares Care Packa...
Quote It would be "shameful" to send care packages to US troops "who have gone overseas to kill other human bei...
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Ray Stevens - God save Arizona and the USA!!?!
Ray Stevens does it again!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWpOcZVnBrc&feature;=related
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So, we do not have to worry about corexit 9500 putting oil up ...
Rachel Maddow addressed this specific matter a few weeks ago. Using her shining personality Maddow basically said th...
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Is Harry Reid really above the law even after violating a numb...
Senator Harry Reid’s Campaign Forced to Take Down Deceptive Website By Online Monday, July 5, 2010 Reno, NV – To...
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Can BP legally refuse compensation to gulf coast fishermen if ...
BP Will Penalize Fishermen For Not Helping To Clean Up Their Toxic Mess. Unbelievable! By Susie Madrak Tuesday Jul 06...
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Is Obama lying or is Carville?
A few days ago Obama mentioned on national TV, he has been on top of this BP oil explosion since day #1 when in fact ...
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