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If you could, would you fire every member of Congress?
The toxic atmosphere in the nation’s capitol is starting to take a toll. According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Jour...
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Will you get a flu shot before winter?
Have you ever said this statement? "I refuse to get a flu shot!" ... Why would that be? The Center for Disease Contro...
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Should the government continue to pay death benefits to the fa...
A private foundation has stepped forward to cover death benefits for the families of troops who've been killed in com...
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Do you tend to eat more on days you go to the gym?
You’ve been working out for months—so why is the number on the scale going in the wrong direction? Many people actual...
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Are you concerned about all of your medical records going digi...
A provision in ObamaCare requiring medical providers to switch from paper patient charts to electronic records is int...
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Are you affected by the government shutdown?
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are waking up Tuesday unsure about where their next paycheck will come from. Other...
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Which party do you blame for the potential government shutdown?
The House began to consider yet another counterproposal to delay ObamaCare as the minutes melted away in advance of a...
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Some psychologists say adulthood does not really begin until a...
Many children look forward to turning 18, as it symbolizes their transition into adulthood. But now, some adolescents...
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