Did you vote for Obama in 2008?
I was a Ron Paul fan boy so Obama wasn't even an option for me. I knew nothing about him and what I did hear, it was ...
80 opinions
Lightning Report
Do you think the media has missed something?
Apparently the media has been bought out, (pretty obvious by now.) This is downright EPIC!
15 opinions
Do you agree with Ron Paul?
Let's try a little test and see how much you agree with Ron Paul.
55 opinions
The Election is an American Beauty Pageant
This just a hunch of mine, but does it seem that we always elect the best looking and more articulate presidents?
21 opinions
GOP candidate appearances in Kansas
Wednesday, March 7: Santorum: 12:30pm: will be speaking at Harvest Graphics, LLC, 14625 W. 100th Street, Lenexa,...
7 opinions
Does this piss you off too?
Ron Paul makes perfect sense when asking these questions. Don't you agree?
20 opinions
My first video -- What do you think?
I have always wanted to make videos, so this is my first attempt. Let me know what you think? I know it's simple, but...
19 opinions
I would like to wish everyone on Sodahead a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!
12 votes
Why is blasphemy to God Himself OK and drawing a muslim prophe...
Christians are getting persecuted more and more these days and should be TRULY enraged by this latest blasphemy! htt...
21 opinions

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About Me

Add me and find out. I can't really tell you anything unless we are friends. :)

I'd like to meet

people that are easy to talk to and don't mind how goofy I can be.


I want to be a super hero that fights LIBERAL crime, stomps out NEOCON injustice, and lives the LIBERTARIAN AMERICAN way!


I like to talk to people. I like to learn about them. I like to help those that need guidance.

Favorite Music

I love 50's, 60's, 80's, 90's, and some contemporary music. No jazz, no poka, No country, no RAP, and no HEAVY METAL music. Just POP & ROCK!

Favorite TV Shows

Psych, The Mentalist, Leverage, Everybody Loves Ramond, Friends, Seinfeld, Save by the Bell, Charles in Charge

Favorite Movies

Braveheart, The Gladiator, Princess Bride, Batman Begins, The Dark Night, Prince of Persia, RED, How to Train Your Dragon


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