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Why is SH changing my question?
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SodaHead Guru
Do we really need Saturday USPS delivery?
I don't know about you, but most of my bills are taken care of online. The few bills I get by mail are things like my...
6 votes
A Dark Day-But this is the real problem.
Today is a dark day. It is a day when evil walked on two legs into a kindergarten classroom. It is a day when a madm...
5 opinions
The Real War On Women
T his is a true story. I really wish it wasn't. My daughter was married just last month. She’s young, educated...
4 opinions
Here's a spreadsheet on the way security is assigned. Vale...
http://directorbl SCANDAL COMPARISON CHART: Benghazi-gate vs. Valerie Plame Please review the fo...
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Is voter fraud already in play?
I voted Monday in my Texas precinct, a precinct that normally goes all in for conservatives. First, they ran out of p...
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Do you realize the type of thugs and fascists the liberal mach...
Consider this story: Man attacked by people stealing Romney sign from yard. "Son of State Senator Neal Kedzie Att...
9 votes
How many lies have Democrats told during this presidential cam...
I don't mind if someone wins or loses on issues. But I am sick to death of the Democrat campaign machine churning out...
6 opinions
A Tale of Two Presidents
A Tale of Two Presidents Mitt Romney: The Next President - As president of Bain Capital, invested billio...
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About Me

I've been told I must enter a profile. So here it is. I am a middle aged American woman. I am married, I have three grown kids, I teach high school. I am politically well read and I write ALOT. I don't mind debating an idea, but having recently been harassed on another site, I won't tolerate abuse. I consider myself politically conservative, I am active politically, but I don't necessarily vote a straight ticket. I live in Texas, was born in Texas and I value my historic Texas roots. I think this is enough, don't you?


I teach, therefore the rest of the year I rest. Right now I am buried in grading and trying to finalize my AP syllabus for submission to College Board


Art, music, mysteries, writing, travel, surviving this crappy economic hand we have been dealt.

Favorite Music

Anything except country
Bands I have seen:
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Willie Nelson's First Picnic
Chicago-many times
Earth Wind and Fire-many times
Paul Simon
Simon and Garfunkel
Billy Joel
James Taylor-many times
Spyro Gyra
Big Bop Nouveau
and many more.../
(not sure why this matters.)

Favorite TV Shows

Scrubs, NCIS, Medium, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Chuck (when it's on), Glee, Mentalist-not any stupid reality show.

Favorite Movies

Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Philadelphia Story
The Thin Man movies
All the Harry Potter Movies

Favorite Books

Too many to list...I collect authors
Hillerman, Koontz, Riordan, Faye Kellerman, Steven Saylor
Mainly mysteries or fantasy

Favorite Quotes

"It takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place." -Red Queen to Alice from Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Favorite Heroes

I don't believe in heroes, I believe in individuals who behave heroically.


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