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I'm in the revolving Sanitarium....
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Dust Bunnies
:o) Just thought this was cute... share your cutest pictures..
16 opinions
Favorite Kind of Tomato
Besides Home Grown, what's your favorite kind of tomato to eat.
14 votes
Bong Stop... lmao
Have a good evening everyone... :o)
23 opinions
What laundry detergent do you use
I use Gain, Original.. My little ones love the smell of it. lol
52 opinions
Fabric Softener or Sheets
Do you use Fabric Softener in your laundry, or sheets in your dryer... Maybe both? lol I use just Softener in my lau...
34 opinions
Tic Tac's
I'm a Tic Tac Addict.. Yeah I admit it.. I'm addicted to Tic Tac's What's your favorite Flavor.. Mine is just plain ...
34 opinions
How Sarcastic Are You?
26 opinions
Who Does the Boop
119 opinions
Hostess Sno Balls
Who Likes Sno Balls, I was just watching how they are made, I don't like them, or can't eat them. But who does???
45 opinions
Spring Flowers
What's Your Favorite Spring Flowers?
29 opinions

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I am a out going social person, I love to talk. little wacky at times, but that makes me who I am, I will tell you how I see it.
I was born and raised in England, moved here as a teenager.
I spend most of my time with my family, and love to cook and bake.
I am diabetic, so I stay healthy and eat healthy.
I love motorcycles, I ride my own and ride with hubby... long rides and watching the sun set on the beach, what else can you ask for.

healthy love motorcycles ride ride hubby rides watching sun beach



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To all you fuckin’ people thinking you’re better than me,
I hold up my middle finger and give my hellyeah!


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