Is Heavy Metal same with Nu-Metal?
I heard that Nu-Metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal
69 opinions
Anyone here lives in Paraguay?
How's it like?
1 opinion
Who's a better singer?
Amy Lee from Evanescence or Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil?
7 votes
From scale 1-10, how good is your spelling?
I'd say mine is between 8-10
68 opinions
From scale 1-10, how good is your grammar?
I'd say between 4-7.
18 opinions
If you could meet any 5 Sodaheads, who would they be?
I'd choose Mrs Joey Jordison 13, Jazzty Mine, Miss Malicious Maggot, Psychobitch, nd Asi-TH is lov
114 opinions

likes & interests

About Me

I'm a HUGE fan of Slipknot


im also a HUGE fan of their drummer, Joey Jordison
meh iraee-ra love slipknot awsum huge fan drummer joey jordison
im a also a fan of:
Corey Taylor
awsum huge fan drummer joey jordison fan corey taylor
Amy Lee
fan drummer joey jordison fan corey taylor amy lee
Cristina Scabbia
joey jordison fan corey taylor amy lee cristina scabbia

I'm a super shy and quiet girl but I can be really crazy and talkative around people that are close to me. Sometimes I fear of being misunderstood by people. i lov kids nd also lov to hang out with them.. i lov to draw nd read manga.. ummm... wat else ...??
oh.. most of my friends think i'm funny but i dnt think i am..
well..i'm a sensitive person
manga ummm wat owh ma frends funny dnt sumtimes emo
manga ummm wat owh ma frends funny dnt sumtimes emo
one more thing, i could be really random when i'm bored!! ~cheese cakes!~

guitar stil dun kno 2 play swear temple annoying swearing
swear annoying manga home talk pal grade 7 god meet
lov death honestly dnt kno wat write httpt1 gstatic comimages

>>><A href="http:www.mixpod.complay... target="_blank" rel="nofollow">MusicPlaylist
>>><A href="http:mixpod.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">MySpace Playlist at <A href="http:/mixpod.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">MixPod.com

I'd like to meet

Joey Jordison and the band he's in, my favorite bands, my best pal that I lost contact with :'(


student, drawing manga, playing music, teasing my lil bro O.o, reading manga.


drawing manga, playing music, video games, reading comics,hangin out w/ friends, , and listening to slipknot...

Favorite Music

Favorite TV Shows

Anime nd Spongebob Squarepants

Favorite Movies

Horror, action, nd fantasy

Favorite Books

The Summoning
manga summoning

Favorite Quotes

Yeah...call me a nerd!But you won't be saying that when you wash my limo for a living:P
U cannot kill what u did not create-duality by Slipknot
If you're 555 then im 666-slipknot
Slipknot is not just music,it's a force!-Corey Taylor
Can't spell BASS without ASS-Zacky Vengeance
A broken promise is as good as a lie- slipknot

Favorite Heroes

My parents and music


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