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Today, I'm about as sharp as a Nerf Bat
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Did Daddy Cop go to far?
Top German cop uses spyware on daughter, gets hacked in retaliation By Nate Anderson | Published about 9 hours ...
26 votes
Which is it?
Is it me, or does the current GOP Presidential slate look like a cross between Celebrity Big Brother and a casting ca...
4 opinions
"This Is My Story" - Ben Breedlove Flash Card Video
Austin, Texas -- At a funeral service Thursday for Ben Breedlove, a family friend mentioned some of the far-flung lan...
1 opinion
NORAD Santa Tracker
It's an annual online event. If you haven't been there please go. http://www.noradsanta.org/en/
9 opinions
Yoga with a Partner
This is amazing! http://youtu.be/Mc0liHubCf8
16 opinions
An explanation about men for women.
Women, When men look at other women it is not a reflection on you. In fact it is in many ways a compliment. Mostly i...
24 votes
Who's turn in the GOP is it to pack up and go home?
The Florida straw poll is in. Some showings were better than others. Who was in poor enough state that they should t...
201 opinions
Lightning Report
Are we surprised?
Another welfare myth bites the dust! 98 Percent of Welfare Applicants Pass Drug Test Thanks to Florida Gov. Ric...
65 opinions
Windex Tip
Windex Tip I haven't checked ' snopes.com ' to see if this actually works or not . . .. But they say, ...
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no·blesse o·blige   [noh-bles oh-bleezh; Fr. naw-bles aw-bleezh]


The moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honor, kindliness, generosity, etc.

In other words. Those who have are required to assist those who have not.

"The abuse of greatness is when it dis-joins remorse from power."


Too many to list.

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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.

-- Anonymous


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