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Sigh .. more Stupid people stories (Drunk with Keys)
Oh, for crying out loud already .. some just can't stop it .. (Drinking Alcohol that is) for here's a story out of ...
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What to do .. what to do
Now that we've all shared with our family and friends .. the bounty of a good harvest .. and the giving of thanks .. ...
8 opinions
Wishing all a SAFE and Blessed "THANKS GIVING" Day
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! Let's lift our PRAYERs .. our GOOD THOUGHTS .. today that CHAOS be turned to peace .. as w...
26 opinions
A TALE of GREED (Official Corruption, Receiving/Demanding Brib...
Out of North Carolina Patrick Cannon .. whose rise in Politics is noted (and at age 26 elected to Charlotte N...
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What will be Medicare coverage costs for 2015???
Link to the website (including the chart) http://www.medicare.gov/your-medicare-costs/costs-at-a-glance... Link to...
5 votes
Retiree, Social Security COLA Set for 2015
Link to the article http://militaryadvantage.military.com/2014/10/retiree-cola-se... http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/COLA/...
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What a tasty treat
I've always struggled in trying to figure out certain spice mixes .. and one of these is the Curry Powders .. so wit...
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PLEASE lift up your prayers and good thoughts for the Ottawa C...
http://abcnews.go.com/International/photos/shooting-war-memor... http://edition.cnn.com/2014/10/22/world/americas/c...
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Let's lift our thoughts and prayers for those Health Care ...
Link to the website http://www.valleyprayer.org/ There's much going on in the world today .. with busy lives, man...
13 votes
On why it does NOT pay to CHEAT (or plagarize) ... (the case...
We all know this story .. about Senator John Walsh .. and his Military career ... Selected for the Army War College ...
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About Me

I'm a Long Term Single Parent, and A Survivor .. (I survived a short disaster of a marriage to an abusive, violent (sociopathic) ex).

Raised my two children alone -- I worked very hard to ensure that they not only would have what they needed, but also be able to enjoy some of the 'typical childhood things too (Scouts, After School Activities, Sports, etc).

Now an Empty-Nester, I am enjoying being (FINALLY!) able to sit down and Relax a bit .. something that I'd not experienced before! That also came with the extra free time .. which I am now using to enjoy a class (or two) at the Local College -- as well as Volunteering where I can.


RIght now, my favorite activities are:

My SLR Photography (love going on Nature Walks/Trails)
My Home Renovations (I am enjoying doing it MYSELF)!
being BACK in College (this time for fun and to stay active).

It is so nice to finally enjoy classes once again .. especially as an 'elder'. This allows me the freedom to really participate as much as I want (I never 'slack off' -- I always do the work assigned!), but it is FUN To explore new thoughts, ideas, subjects in ways I could never dream of when I earned my ORIGINAL Degrees!


Hmm .. where to begin ...

Always someone who enjoys being active (intellectually, physically (sports/activities), as well as spiritually (I hold my beliefs -- even though I've also gone through some pain associated with them as well) ...

I think that my top interests at this stage of my life is to start ENJOYING life a little bit -- and exploring other 'sides' of me -- the 'interests/talents (or hey, maybe even LACK of them!) that make me .. well ... me --

Everything from my SLR Photography (I love nature Photography, also enjoy Historical Sites, out of the Way Kitschiness/Quirkiness, small and large museums too) ...

Fine Arts (I actually have started learning to Sketch, Draw, Paint, CREATE!)

Computer Programming,

and everything inbetween.


I also enjoy being able to relax and unwind here too!
(SH Guru #18 .. THANKS to all who contributed to me achieving that milestone!)


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