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Favorite TV Shows

I prefer to watch movies over tv shows,but if I have to pick a few:

Bones, Monk,Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, American Horror Story

Favorite Movies

Most Horror movies,Movie spoofs like Disaster Movie,Meet the Spartans,Epic Movie, all of the Scary Movie series,the American Pie series,The Bourne movies,I like to laugh,so comedies usually work for me,anything starring Peter Sellers, Scavenger Hunt,along with action movies like The Dark Knight

Favorite Books

Anything by Dean Koontz, the guy is simply incredible!The Bible because even though it was written thousands of years ago,the lessons that it contains are still relevant today.

Favorite Quotes

"He who speaks much, learns little: He who listens much,learns all"I read that quote when I was in the 3rd grade and I decided to pattern myself after it by becoming a good listener.In a Human Relations class in college,I learned how to refine the skill of listening,

Favorite Heroes

First and foremost, my Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ,2nd, my dad,who was an excellent example to me of what being a man is,and I can only hope that I've provided one-tenth of that level of inspiration to my sons.,and three of my sports heroes were Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Muhammad Ali.


  • **Bessie** 2014/11/24 17:50:48
    happy monday vintage

    Hope all is doing well in St. Louis!!
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/08 10:10:53
    Pizza Monster
    One of our neighbors said that there is a green dwarf living in our house. He's nice, though. On the first day we moved in here, we offered raw chicken meat for him. Haha
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/03 11:55:41
    Pizza Monster
    I wish i live in a place where there is a spooky history haha
  • Manster 2014/11/03 01:20:51
    I don't know if his head spun around 360 degrees,but I recall them talking about the coldness of the room he was in!
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/02 23:25:42
    Pizza Monster
    Wow! So, this exorcist thing is really for real. He experienced the same exact thing like what happened in the movie? And nope,I havent watched that movie yet lol
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/02 21:27:41
    Pizza Monster
    Wait, you mean The Exorcist movie was based on true life events???
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/02 12:35:54
    Pizza Monster
    Yup, watched that film, it was good!
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/02 12:25:22
    Pizza Monster
    Hahahaha shut up, dont scare me XD
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/02 09:03:20
    Pizza Monster
    Did something weird happened ti me? Im watching The Exorcist now. On the scene when they are about to perform exorcism, i suddenly threw up and I dont know why. Dont tell me something "not normal" happened to me. Lol
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/01 14:56:52
    Pizza Monster
    I love the dinner part, haha! You know... Pizza monster...
  • Pizza Monster 2014/11/01 12:49:42
    Pizza Monster
    Happy belated birthday! How was it? :)
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/29 11:15:57
    Pizza Monster
    Oh, thank you! When's your birthday?
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/28 11:27:29
    Pizza Monster
    Haha yeah, they both have that big slitted-mouth
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/27 11:44:48
    Pizza Monster
    I haven't installed any app that you mentioned in my tablet, sadly. Haha. That The Brink movie reminds me of another movie, somewhat like that, they invented something. Forgot the title. I'll try to look it up. We wasnt able to watch the werewolf movie, my bf got some problem with downloading it lol, we'll try again the next weekend.

    if im in that guy's place, i wont be scared. i will be mad at you for kicking my chair lol
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/26 21:34:06
    Pizza Monster
    My horror movies to watch list is way longerrr than my christmas shopping list. Ohhh wait, my christmas shopping list doesnt even exist :P
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/26 21:30:22
    Pizza Monster
    I usually watch a movie on my tablet, wearing my headset. And that scene made me jumped too hahahaha
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/26 21:29:05
    Pizza Monster
    Poor her, probably got no money to pay for the stitches haha
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/26 14:10:05
    Pizza Monster
    Haha! Well, we have different tastes. But I do love Jaws and Alien movies. And oh, lets not forget Predator movies.
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/26 14:04:40
    Pizza Monster
    Thank you! Might be sleeping soon, start of another busy week tomorrow. The... Creeping.... Flesh... feels like there will be lots of flesh-tearing scenes in that movie haha. I finished watching The Thing. I did like it but i dont think it will be one of my favorites. My next movie is The Exorcist 1973
  • Pizza Monster 2014/10/26 09:57:31
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