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"Always use humour as your therapy"
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Favorite TV Shows

I prefer to watch movies over tv shows,but if I have to pick a few:

Bones, Monk,Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, American Horror Story

Favorite Movies

Most Horror movies,Movie spoofs like Disaster Movie,Meet the Spartans,Epic Movie, all of the Scary Movie series,the American Pie series,The Bourne movies,I like to laugh,so comedies usually work for me,anything starring Peter Sellers, Scavenger Hunt,along with action movies like The Dark Knight

Favorite Books

Anything by Dean Koontz, the guy is simply incredible!The Bible because even though it was written thousands of years ago,the lessons that it contains are still relevant today.

Favorite Quotes

"He who speaks much, learns little: He who listens much,learns all"I read that quote when I was in the 3rd grade and I decided to pattern myself after it by becoming a good listener.In a Human Relations class in college,I learned how to refine the skill of listening,

Favorite Heroes

First and foremost, my Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ,2nd, my dad,who was an excellent example to me of what being a man is,and I can only hope that I've provided one-tenth of that level of inspiration to my sons.,and three of my sports heroes were Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Muhammad Ali.


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