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This is actually my favorite quote. And it sums me right up.
"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying. I don't want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen; I want to live on in my apartment."
-- Woody Allen

I'd like to meet

David Bowie. Jimmy Carter. Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Jonathan Kozol. Bob Dylan. Ru Paul. John Krakauer. Is Don Rickles still kicking?
I would have liked to have met
W.E.B. Du Bois. Bella Abzug. Jane Addams. Bill Monroe. Humphrey Bogart. Jacob Riis. Teddy & Franklin Roosevelt. Gram Parsons. Frank Zappa. Samuel Clemens.


Reading, biking, scratching my dog, giggling.


Politics. Men. Prison reform. Wine.

Favorite Music

David Bowie. Gram Parsons. Bob Dylan. Neil Young. Willie Nelson. Dolly Parton. Will Oldham. Frank Zappa. Los Lobos. Bill Monroe. Elvis Costello. Vic Chestnutt. Lisa Germano. Django Reinhardt.

Favorite TV Shows

Daily Show. Top Chef. Hell's Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares (British & American). I'd watch Bill Maher, but I don't have HBO. I like Louie, too.

Favorite Movies

Little Darlings. Over the Edge. Crimes and Misdemeanors. Wings of Desire. Postcards From the Edge. La Vie En Rose. The Fall. The Color Purple.

Favorite Books

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Infidel. Amazing Grace. Geek Love. Savage Inequalities. Random Family. Krik? Krak! Things Fall Apart. Under the Banner of Heaven. Weetzie Bat. Noodling for Flatheads. War and Peace. Worse than Slavery. Utopia. The Know-It-All. Life Turns Man Up and Down. The Harry Potter series. The Hunger Games trilogy. The War Prayer. Devil in the White City. Nickle and Dimed.

Favorite Quotes

“No society has been able to abolish human sadness, no political system can deliver us from the pain of living, from our fear of death, our thirst for the absolute. It is the human condition that directs the social condition, not vice versa.” - Eugene Ionesco

“When we are in partnership and have stopped clutching each other's throats, when we have stopped enslaving each other, we will stand together, hands clasped, and be friends. we will be comrades, we will be brothers, and we will begin the march to the grandest civilization the human race has ever known.”

Eugene Debs

"Strange things happen to people in America. Some bitterly cruel. And some so beautiful that faith is refired forever."

John Steinbeck

"I deal only in facts, that's why I'm a cocky fuckin' bastard."
"… We live in a world where John Lennon was murdered, yet Barry Manilow continues to put out fucking albums. God-dammit! If you're gonna kill somebody, have some fucking taste. I'll drive you to Kenny Rogers' house."

Bill Hicks

Favorite Heroes

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somaly Mam, Mende Nazer, John Brown, E. Benjamin Skinner, Kevin Bales, Jonathan Kozol, and Paul Wellstone.


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