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I'm Dan. 28 years old and living in Norway with my amazing wife Sarah:)


Music. Movies. Books. Alcohol. My princess. Sleeping...or preferably..sleeping with my princess:P

Favorite Music

Afghan Whigs. Alice in chains. Alice Cooper. Animal Alpha. Audioslave. Backstreet girls. Bad religion. Black sabbath. Blues Brothers. Blues traveler. Bruce Springsteen. Bullet for my valentine. The clash. The cure. Cumshots. Children of bodom. Chrome division. Danzig. Dio. The doors. Down. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Dum Dum Boys. Everlast. Elvis. Elvis Costello. Faith no more. Fantomas. Foo fighters. Green day. The Gutter Twins. Grinderman. HIM. House of pain. Hurra torpedo. In flames. Iron maiden. Jim Carrol. The jayhawkes. Johnny Cash. Judas priest. The killers. L7. Lamb of god. Led Zepplin. Machine Head. Madrugada. Mark Lanegan. Mad season. Metallica. My dying bride. My midnight creeps. Misfits. Motorhead. Mr. Bungle. Megadeth. Nick Cave. Nirvana. Neil Young. NWA. Otis Redding. The pixies. The pogues. Public Enemy. Pearl jam. Queen. Queens of the stoneage. The Ramones. Rancid. Raga Rockers. The Riccochets. Robert Johnson. Rage against the machine. Rat pack. Satryricon. Screaming trees. Smashing pumpkins. Sepultura. Slayer. Stonegard. Soundgarden. Steve Earl. Sonic youth. System of a down. SuperSuckers. Stone temple pilots. Tom Petty. Type O Negative. Twilight Singers. Twisted sister. Tool. Tom Waits. Underworld. Velvet revolver. Voivod. Wednesday 13. The Who. Willie Nelson. Wolfgang Parker. Frank Black. Ben Harper. Killswitch Engage. Outkast. Pantera. Deep Purple. Mudhoney. Therapy?. Mastodon. Cheap Trick .Jokke og valentinerne. David Bowie. Social Distortion

Favorite TV Shows

The Simpsons. The Sopranos. Twin Peaks. Viva la Bam.

Favorite Movies

The Big Lebowski. Copland. LOTR. Rocky. Goodfellas. Evil Dead. Deer Hunter. Apocalypse now. Xmen. The Godfather. Event Horizon. Casino. Blues Brothers. Alien. Superman. Rosemarys Baby. O Brother where art tho. Fargo. Millers crossing. jackass. Pirates of the caribbean. Charlie and the chocolate factory. Toy story. Underworld. The shining. The incredibles. Full metal jacket. The green mile. Misery. Psyco. The birds. Wallace and grommit. Batman. The nightmare before christmas. The Crow. Taxi Driver. Sideways. Reservoir Dogs. E.T. Edward Scissorhands. The Shawshank redemption. Shrek. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Donnie Darko. Bubba ho tep. Mystic River. Slapshot. Sin City. Spiderman. Once were warriors


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