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Hello Sodaheads!!! Love U Beavers!!
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About Me

I am a veteran in the Cosmetology industry for 19 years, and I love what I do. I've been trained by platform artists, and I travel with them all over when I can. The Robert Cromeans Artistic Team is the best of all time!! I have a wonderful husband, and two beautiful loving little boys. I adore being their mother! It's my favorite job, ever!!!

I'd like to meet

I'd love to personally meet the whole band AC/DC, one of these days. Also, I'd like to meet Sammy Hagar, if he's not too busy!! Mainly, my husband would love to meet him, but I'll go along for the ride, and some MARGARITAS!! Woo Hoo!!


I am very active...I go to the gym 4-5 days a week. I like to swim, and ride bikes, rollerblade, ice skate and do gymnastics. I also chase my little boys all around the house!


Laying out by my pool, watching my boys play, working smarter, not harder. I like tennis, roller blading, dancing, and Rock-n-Roll. Especially any AC/DC; THEY ROCK!!!!

Favorite Music

I love old Rock-n-Roll, as you may have figured out. All 80's music is my all-time favorite. Def Leppard, Van Halen, Billy Idol, Scorpions, Madonna, to name a few...I also like Jazz music, Jimmy Buffett, Fergie, Metallica, Sammy Hagar..... but the most important thing to know, EVER, about me, is I LOVE AC/DC the most!! Oh yeah.....

Favorite TV Shows

I like all CSI's, ER, I like Medium, and Law and Order SVU.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are Tombstone, Natural Born Killers, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz (mainly bacuase of the lion!), and Benny and Joon.

Favorite Books

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Favorite Quotes

"Don't start somethin', won't be nothin".... (my husbands favorite saying!)

somethin nothin husbands somethin nothin husbands

Favorite Heroes

My children. One is Batman, the other Spiderman, also JonStrong =)


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