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Okay, I've gotten my 11,003rd RAVE. Thanx to Our pal "Summer"...Thanks Nina...maybe It's about time to write something here for all my friends to see. I'm 49 years young. Lol
...Now I'm up to 35,384...and I did a little more editing.
Now "About Me." I find it hard to say just what...because it's not about me...at least that's what I've been told for many years.

I'll try to simplify it...I've Been there...Done that.
I've Had a Relatively Normal life so far.
I've Loved and Lost, Felt Sadness and Pain...I've Laughed and Cried....yes; Even Laughed Until I Cried...Those were the Best.

I Work Hard and Love to Play.
I've Never Been a Follower, I Like to Blaze My Own Path.
I Can't see any Good in taking things too seriously...I mean, Good can be found in everything...You just have to wait longer sometimes.


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