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Retired military Lieutenant Colonel, involved during Desert Storm; for saving the life of a civilian at a homicide scene while in uniform; and for work done after the September 11th terrorism that incinerated 3,000 innocent American civilians in the name of Islam. Published author (Macmillan Publishing/Prentice Hall, Amazon) and acknowledged expert in computer technology. Hired as expert negotiator by Attorneys in federal cases (for defendant) having to do with computer technology and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Founder and Executive Director of Finger Lakes Fossil Farm, Ltd which is an Educational Not for Profit Exploring Natural History Through the Fossil Record.

I'd like to meet

Thoughtful people, intelligent people, people of values and people honest and at peace with themselves


Animal Rescue, preserving traditional America's liberty, computer technology, photography, graphic arts, paleontology and loving my wife more each day.


My Military, Political, Scientific and Photography Websites are read by over 750,000 Unique people per year. Included are:
Paleontology (Educational and totally non-political) http://FingerLakesFossilFarm....
Photography (Artistic and non-political) http://InfidelDog.com

Favorite Music

Primarily, music from the Classical period but I also enjoy do wop as a vestige of my youth.

Favorite Movies

Love Sci-fi.

Favorite Quotes

"Those who beat their swords into plows, will plow for those who don't" - Thomas Jefferson
"Freedom is Never More Than One Generation Away from Extinction" - President Ronald Reagan
"In God we trust, all others pay cash" - Gene Shepherd

Favorite Heroes

Thomas Jefferson and my lovely wife. As a Justice Department employee, she was the first to blow the whistle on the Immigration and Naturalization Service's selling green cards and pushing through visas without proper background checks. It was the type of corrupt, incompetent, behavior that enabled the terrorism of 911. She was terminated and received death threats if she didn't keep quiet, which of course, she did not. Her internationally popular website http://Justice-Denied.net has been read by more than 3 million people.


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