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Hello! My name is Eydis. :)

I am Icelandic. Born and raised in small village in a family of 10.. No, it is not as cold as it sounds. No, I've NEVER eaten whale meat IN MY LIFE, and YES I've been to blue lagoon and YES it's as cool as it looks. not literally though :P.

I am currently going to trade school to become a professional make-up artist (bridal makeup, Prom, celebrities etc) and it is SO fun.

please by all mean take your time reading my posts if you need to. English is not my first language and am not very good at it yet. :)

PS. I understand (Not stuck up or anything) that I am not bad looking. BUT I am ENGAGED to a wonderful man who I love with all my heart. I have no patience for Perverts or sexual messages of any sort. NO FLIRTING means exactly what it sounds like. If you can't understand that, You likely won't even get a reply from me.


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