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A thinking mans moron, what you see is what you get,not a lot really

No offence meant but I do NOT accept as friends those who say " I SAW YOU ON THE LEADERBOARD" never have got the hang of that, if you take the trouble to read my profile and check some of my comments and views then you may be in with a chance,It's common decency IMHO, nor do I accept anyone under 18 minimum

I'd like to meet

Ronald Reagan,Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler,Genghis Khan and Al Sahladin,but only because they have snuffed it and would be unable to punish me for calling them flufffy do gooding Liberals


Debauchery ( If I could find an instruction book and afford enough starch or better still viagra),and my part time job as a beer wine and spirits quality control taster


Right wing rabble rousing, infuriating libs/lefties and perverts fishing, boating philandering and being a thouroughly contentious,outrageous scourge of all things PC

Favorite Music

Classical,trad jazz,blues,southern rock, heavy metal, in other words a tad eclectic

Favorite TV Shows

NONE I don't have an idiot box

Favorite Movies

Zulu, Thomas Crown Affair (the original),Lawrence of Arabia,Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines,and The Long Good Friday

Favorite Books

Bible,Seven Pillars of Wisdom,Wind in The Willows

Favorite Quotes

F'f off we're full (a reference to immigration), and several more historical ones such as "I see no ships"

Favorite Heroes

JESUS, T E Lawrence,Air Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding,"Bomber" Harris,, Sir Winston Churchill,Lord Nelson,Sir Frank Whittle and me Dad to name the best of the bunch.
And four heroins, HM The Queen, Lady Margaret Thatcher and me Mum


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