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Just a bit of almost everything.I'm sort of open-minded person. I won't bite if you come to have a little chat, unless you're too sweet. I like to smell stories books. I play guitar, and can be as random as hell.
person bite chat sweet smell stories books play guitar random

person bite chat sweet smell stories books play guitar random

I love complexity, simpleness, good music, good movies, good story, friendship, animals, oranges, good anime.

All time fave anime : Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn, Hyouka, Fairy Tail.

I'd like to meet

All my favorite bands (Falling In Reverse, My chemical Romance, Green Day, Linkin Park, etc...) Jesus Christ (Want to meet him in his years.) Hitler, Ted Bundy, And all the people I follow in Tumblr.

park jesus christ meet years hitler ted bundy people tumblr


Writing, Drawing, Listening to Music. Day Dreaming. Reading stories.


Anime. Arts & Music. Lifestyle. Supernatural. Literature. Great movies. Bands. Awkwardness. Cuteness overload. Friendship. Nice and Interesting Chat.
arts music lifestyle supernatural literature movies bands awkwardness cuteness overload

Favorite Music

Punk, Metal, Pop-Punk, Country, Pop, Alternatives, Rock, Post Hardcore. Well, basically all. Except Techno and Dubsteps.
pop-punk country pop alternatives rock post hardcore basically techno dubsteps

Favorite TV Shows

Leverage. Clean House. (I like Parker <3)
leverage clean house parker 3

Favorite Movies

Tenacious D, Harry Potter, Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer, etc.. too many to be listed.

Favorite Books

The Secret Garden, The Call of The Wild, Harry Potter books, Elantris etc Too many to be listed.

Favorite Quotes

Bullshit. bullshit
Crap. Get Lost. ~You were made for God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense.~

bullshit crap lost god god understand life

Favorite Heroes

Probably...Batman? Cause he's a sad fellow. And...some random people I accidently read about.

batman sad fellow random people accidently read


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