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sad angel gif

you took us all for fools
you played on my emotions
and took advantage of my big Heart
I hope you suffer in some way
that measures this
I just wish I could be there to
witness such an event
You met me and said I was kind
you'll meet Lady Karma
and Lady Karma is a Bitch!!

Serenity 12/5/2014

I'd like to meet


my friends have their own minds  friends like you


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sugar lips

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mess with my friends  mess with my friends  mess with my friends
blue angel gif

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beautiful fish gif

This fishy ain't biting Bitches *grinz* so stop with the fake PM's *yawning* it's boring now
you must think me a fool .........it's always great to be one step ahead of you
one giant step

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robin williams laughing gif

The year we lost you 11/08/2014 our hearts are breaking
thank you for touching my life with your beautiful Spirit
and feeding my Soul with laughter
Rest now , we love you , we will never forget you


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  • Rodney 8 hours ago
    On my way.
  • surfercrab 16 hours ago
    Ok ur minions finally let me in to one of your hawdy tawdy royals only party.. I told them I was a king crab leg appetizer.. even lost one of me claws I did governess
  • ziad 16 hours ago
  • john 20 hours ago
    Thanks Tazzy ....
  • john 1 day ago
    He don't stop kissing his brother and he has had so many presents he's happy....
  • john 1 day ago
    This was when he was 5 hours old
  • Ms.TS ~ 平和 1 day ago
    Ms.TS ~ 平和
    Happy Sunday! happy sunday gif
  • surfercrab 3 days ago
    Hi sweetest little blood thirsty cupcake .. for the record. .i did try and comment on the birthday bash a 2nd time. .no luck .. It seems it happens whenever I try to post on celebrations.. So now I'm thinking God is saying " listen Crab .. I allowed u to get away with enough partying for 5 lifetimes . Now gitcha ass home and learn how to knit doilies .. Lord (me) knows you've destroyed many an elderly customers' bathroom decor ..doing God ( me ) knows what to yourself while you're in there.. Remember ..Serenity is trouble ..I think my competition had something to do with that crazy girl. . Xoxo. : )
  • GlitterSpark <3 4 days ago
    GlitterSpark <3
    i love you to sis x your right insignificant in my life

    hugs sis
    their opinions dont matter

    ^^ thats what i need to do not let their opinions phase me one little bit
  • Gothamjedi311 \m/ 4 days ago
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    Lol. me too. I couldn't get it to work. You must have worked some Magic. \m/
    Wolf magic
  • surfercrab 4 days ago
    Yes my dear ..perhaps a ghost in the machine .. it probably also doesnt help that ..
    " like an idiot " .. I switched carriers and am stuck with this service for the next month. .Its really no fault of my own ..I have a small amount of Jewish blood in me.. so when the guy told me I can get a cheaper monthly rate. .well.. I started salivating ..broke out in a sweat and immediately started rubbing my hands together and began chanting .
    ." mmmyessss" .."mmmyessss" .. "cheaper" "eggggcellent" "mmm eggggcellent"
    ..drooling all over the counter cold sweats and all.. For now on i let my Italian intuition take the reigns ..no more sales people , con men , magicians , and Forrest trickster gnomes will part this jackass and his hard earned Yankee dollars. . Well I hope all is great Serenity .. I have to go see a wanderer about purchasing 3 magic beans ..Something about gold up in the sky or some damn thing ..sounds pretty legit to me.. Ttys honey xoxo .. : )
  • surfercrab 5 days ago
    Hey ya little Vampiress.. I did try to get on that posting .. i might be having trouble with sodahead account. .. I did write a humorous little paragraph and it seems for nothing. . Ughh its hard to force spontaneity a second time around so I thought hopefully next celebration. . I've also been working in some bad areas for reception ..so who knows ? Technological devises and surfcrabs are sworn enemies. : ) stay in touch ..hope everythings great for u and little one. : )
  • Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    Yes!!! it did
  • Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    wolf  you are not dreaming gif

    I love that Wolf gif lets see if it posts .........
  • Gothamjedi311 \m/ 5 days ago
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    ...a little wolf told me. Lol
    ...try this_
    GJ311_More than One way  m
  • Gothamjedi311 \m/ 5 days ago (edited)
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    Here's my attempt to make you wild...


    Hey Serenity. Lurvin' the New pics. \m/
    ...Am I sensing a theme for Halloween this year?
  • surfercrab 6 days ago
    Awww.. do they get any sweeter than u ? Nope ..they dont .. : )
    You are the sunniest little vampiress in all of merry old foggy England : )
    its so nice that you orchestrate the good feelings of others ..by throwing them little celebrations .. so as for the party I missed.. all I ask is for some of the leftover food.. : )
  • surfercrab 7 days ago
    Hello my sweet little sugar cookie. : ) ..who will grab some one and drain 2 quarts of blood in 3 seconds flat. :-O .. I missed out on a few days because.. remember I was wondering why some of my replys werent showing up at that guru party.. well the stupid phone became problematic.. so I had to get a new note pad.. it took 2 days because I had to get it all unlocked and then get all this stuff up and running.. plus a bit busy.. so I apologize for missing out..
  • lord of the eternal darkness
    wanting someone to ug right now but ur not one :,(
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