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i like to experiment with different hair colors and clothing styles. i have a wide fashion sense, i like sweat suits, wet look dresses and body suits, office clothes look, 50's -80's hair and styles. grillz, black sclara contacts, high top shoes and platform boots. i like hot food such as buffalo wings and i have indeed won wing eating challenges. i love eating contests. favorite drink is probably coke, and favorite color is pink. i like tattoos and piercings and think they are fun to get.


juggling, movies, and music are my favorite. working in the film industryis a wish i have. i have a lot of great ideas for horror movies and with my cosmetology degree i can also help with the makeup possibly. i want to learn more about cinema makeup and am a fast learner so i hope to get in on the industry one day to get my ideas out there and expand my knowledge of makeup. i would also want to pick the sound track for a movie if i made one cause i love my music. and for juggling, i just want to keep learning new tricks. :)

Favorite Music

i like classic rock, old school hip hop, soul, jazz, and other cool stuff, just not country. some favorites are aerosmith, cinderella, led zeppelin, tyler the creator, odd future, run dmc, fat boys, louis armstrong, the temptations, al green, michael jackson, prince, marvin gaye, def leppard, metalica, afroman, kc and the sunshine band, journey, ozzy pink floyd, Rolling Stones, steel panther, van halen, peaches and herb, lenny kravitz, kiss, david bowie, bone thugs n harmony, tech n9ne, juelz santana, and all the other good stuff i aint got room to mention.

Favorite TV Shows

loiter squad, urban legends, South Park, family guy, futurama, tales from the crypt, black jesus, cis, ncis, law and order, metalocalypse, 1000 ways to die, deadliest warrior, todd and the book of pure evil, i watch more movies than tv so thats all i can think of as favorites.

Favorite Movies

i like horror and comedy movies best. house on haunted hill (old and remake) shawshank redemption, man on fire. friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, halloween, hellraiser, childs play, pumpkin head, alien and predator movie series. don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood, dead presidents, scary movie 1 and 2, little man, white chicks, cheech and chong movies, half baked, how high, labyrinth, dark crystal, pans labyrinth, golden compas, 28 days and weeks later, devil, ace ventura movies. chronicles of narnia movies, silent hill 1, natural born killers, ghost ship, roller ball, bridge to terabithia, crank movies, small soldiers, i am legent, resident evil, heavy metal, and i think you get the picture, i like all the good stuff. ^_^

Favorite Quotes

if the turtle cage is dirty, i ain't paying for it
i guess he didn't wanna make a sandwich
i see james, where's the peach
they don't call me catchphrase jones cause i'm black


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