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  • John Walker II 2015/02/13 00:54:11 (edited)
    John Walker II
    People seem to think that when I say I'm done, I'm going to stick around to see how they respond to that. What they don't understand is, when I say I am done with a thread.. I've just walked away. They're talking to my back then.

    I don't believe in empty gestures.

  • John Walker II 2014/09/23 20:24:14
    John Walker II
    I may end up regretting it, with people being as they are, but I unblocked the 15 or so that I had on my list.

    I wonder how many of them will quickly put themselves back on it.
  • John Walker II 2014/05/05 20:53:46
    John Walker II
    I don't like blocking people, but there is a line in the sand and those two had crossed it. I hope at some point they'll grow up, or grow a brain, and then I can take them off the block list.
  • Taylor 2014/05/05 20:45:31
    Good job blocking those two!
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