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I'm Jami
Not a very good speller :3
Going to be a freshman in Collage:)
Taken by an amazing guy <333
Straight. Sorry all you lesbians.
I can be rude as fuck sometimes, But I'm sorry, It's who I am.
January 1st Is my birthday:)
I live In Washington. That's all you need to know. Don't need you stalking me.
I was born and raised in San Fransico. I miss it there.
Yankkee Accent..
I hate chocolate. I can't even look at it without getting sick.
I found out I was allergic to cinimmon when I did the cinimmon challage..
Wanna know something, If you're reading this, I love you <3. Because no one ever reads this shit:)
Comment, Message, Add me!:)

I'd like to meet

Arno<333 I.Adore.Him.♥ My baby♥
arno333 adore
That guy up there would be James! Aka Arno:) And I will be honest, I like him. :3 He's so freaking sweet and really funny. He always makes me laugh and not a lot of people do that.. >.> But he does. It's so cute when he tells me things in his language like.. "you look like an angel" and "you're so cute" :P it just..Makes my day!:) He's a really cool guy and If you don't know him.. You need to get to know him:)
Love you Arno!!:)

Joey! xD
joey xd
lmao this boy right here, Is by far the funniest and most ghetto person, I've ever met xD Like..Holy shit. there is not one time, when I don't talk to him, And he doesn't make me laugh. If you don't now this guy, then you need to get to know him. xD ONE MORE THING...The dudes got a fucking beautiful ass girlfriend, so girls, Stop flirting with him and find someone single! xD Cause you obviously don't get it xD lol Okay, so, this is all I have to say about Joey. xD
Love you Joey! x] (as a friend o.o)

Favorite Quotes

I like to think. It gives me time to rediscover and simply become lost in an activity formidably indulgent. Sometimes I get lost, nothing seems as pretty as the past and I'm often dragged back to a distant world, of simplicity and nostalgia and I have to be pulled back to reality. I can't become too lost in a soft slumber, because one day I'll forget to wake up and the present will become untraceable.

Trust is a strange concept, perhaps one which I'll always struggle to grasp on to. The opening of the soul and the mind is a expected life goal, it's human nature to long for someone to confide in without worrying about a betrayal of trust. Trust issues or an emotional distress can be reflected as a physical wound. A ripping of the nerves, the layers of skin peeling back and all the secrets and disposable memories pouring out like scarlet ink. Once the truth is out the wound can never truly be healed, it simply scars.

It seems like everyones running but no one really has a destination. We're all trying to escape a feeling or a memory and we're desperately clinging onto anything which will pull us away from the darkness but you can't run forever. The past always catches up, and when it does it'll knock you off your feet. You can never really stop feeling something, it'll either be dormant for a period of your life and haunt you once again or it was never real to begin with. I wish I knew what was better, feeling something which was a complete lie or having be contaminated with a sinking feeling which you can never really let go of. What's worth it?

Why is everything in life about love? Why can't something just be about another taboo subject such as suicide or homosexuality? How can something undefinable have such an impact on society and everything branching from it? It's like a puzzle with a missing piece, you'll constantly long for the piece which links everything together but it's lost and it's untraceable. That's what love is; untraceable. How does anyone really know what love is? It's always mistaken for lust or infatuation. There's no sudden moment of realisation, that second of warmth in the pit of your heart where you just know that nothing else matters and that feeling you've been longing for is now igniting your bones and spreading through your frame like a dose of antibiotics. Love doesn't really exist, it's an illusion or a fantasy, and anyone who believes in it is living a lie.

I wish for once I could just cry and cry for all the moments I wished I could but couldn't. For all the times I swore I was good enough and held everything back just because I was terrified of collapsing. I wish for once I could go off the rails just to see who cared enough to stick around and watch me self destruct. I wish that someone would love me enough to stick around and never leave and never break my heart. I wish that for one moment I could just be whatever I wanted and do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about the aftermath. I wish, I wish, I wish.

I almost always favoured being inbetween, nor at one end of the scale or the other, just comfortably floating in the centre of two polar opposites. However in this moment, the comfortable foreground I regularly obtain seems to be the centre of all indifference, and the fear of the unknown lingers around each dark corner, a new day bringing new surprises, new problems and new-found tension. And as the centrepiece of indifference, it is I that has to try my best to keep both sides at an equal level, the scales balancing out good and evil, keeping tensions low and my sanity in tact.

I wish I could stop making bad decisions but I think it's in my nature. Whenever I come across a life multiple-question I'm always wrong, I always steer clear of the warning signs and crash straight into the wall then wonder why I'm left to pick up the pieces when I've driven myself towards the situation. It must come with being blameless, I don't like to acknowledge the truth, especially when it will make me think less of myself.

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