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Hello people. My name is Trevor Roberts but people can call me T.J. if they like. My brother calls me cry because he's psychotic. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada then moved to Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii when I was about 2 or so. I lived there 8 years then moved back to Vegas. Im a filipino by the way so I speak tagalog. Basically Im a guitar tech nerd. I spend nearly every minute when Im home playing the guitar, looking up tabs and such. I am also a black belt and co teach kenpo and a yellow belt and attend aikido. If you wanna know more then stalk my profile some more. Come on. You know you want to. Or find me on facebook. And if you see my brother on here call him a barrel.


Martial arts(black belt, yellow belt)
Lead guitarist for a band (Trapped in Wires)
ROTC Air Force


Guitar, Music, Golf, Classics (memrobilia, music, items ect.) Politics, Surfing, Martial Arts, Philiosiphy, and Making everyone i come across smile.

Favorite Music

Any rock and some rap from 50's to 90's. Favorite Bands Judas Priest,
Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Queen.

Favorite TV Shows

Chappelle's Show,
Family Guy,
American Dad, Dean Martin Show,
Key and Peel,
That Metal Show,
Montey Python
The Walking Dead

Favorite Movies

the Warriors,
Resivoir Dogs,
Enter the Dragon,
Blues Brothers,
Animal House,
Family Vacation(Christmas, Vegas, European)
The Dark Knight Rises,
Montey Python and the Holy Grail

Favorite Books

Art of War,
Divine Comedy,
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,
the Mist, Shawshank Redemption,
Apt. Pupil

Favorite Quotes

"Imagine"-John Lennon
"The education of man never stops till he dies"-Robert E. Lee.
"A little rebelion now and then is a good thing" - Thomas Jefferson
"This is the world we live in. And These are the hands were given. Stand up and lets start showing. To make this a place worth fighting for"- Genesis/Phil Collins - Land of Confusion

Favorite Heroes

First off my brother Cameron (Pewds) Hes my best friend. The only reason why I think I am a normal kid and he always reminds me why Im here. Hes been by my side through alot and he was actually the first one I ever trusted. Brothers till the end. Thank you brother.

The Punisher
and my music heros, Rob Halford,
Brian May,
Glen Tipton,
Phil Collins,
Freddie Mercury,
Dave Mustaine


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