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I like to take my time to myself whenever I am not at school or working to study plants and animals, more specifically plants though. I like to be in nature and take interest in anything natural. Most of my life revolves around my girlfriend who I have been with happily since 1/16/09 and taking care of plants and studying them. I love to watch things grow and come to life, seeing things thrive knowing that it is because of me. I also take a great interest in photography, specifically macro photography of plants, insects, arachnids, and all sorts of that nature stuff. I love learning as well as teaching people what I learn, I am not a school kinda person though I wish I was a little better in it, but I am more of a self teacher in many subjects outside of school in my personal life. I am also a volunteer at the Humane society as well as my girlfriend and love to help the animals have better lives.

I'd like to meet

Bruce Lee. Thats about it, I am not really a famous person lover but I look up to good old Bruce as he was an amazing philosopher, teacher, martial arts master, and in his own film industry. If he hadn't died at age 32, it would be my goal to meet this wonderful guy.


Same as interests.


Plants, animals, photography, personal studies, friends, and just being in nature.

Favorite Music

I love a lot of music some including Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Deltron 3030, Minus the Bear, Korn, Infected Mushroom, Underoath, The Black Dahlia Murder, Ministry, In Flames, and I am not going to go on forever but those are some of my favorite artists.

Favorite TV Shows

I don't really watch TV but if I do I watch Dragon Ball Z, Modern Marvels, Documentaries, cooking channel, and not really much more than that.

Favorite Movies

The Last Samurai, Star Wars, Fight Club, Walk the Line, Akira, and there is quite a few others.

Favorite Books

I mainly just read a ton of non-fiction stuff usually about plants or animals.

Favorite Quotes

I don't really have any.

Favorite Heroes

Bruce Lee and my girlfriend Taylor.


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