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Welll I'm a very random individual. I looove music and colors and really anything you can find at Hot Topic. I practically live there! Haha I am really laid back until I find something I'm passionate about. Then you can not tell me no. I get my way if it is something I'm desperate for. I'm a nice person and I love peOple. So friend me. :) pics will come soon btw :{D.

I'd like to meet

Adam Gontier. The Doors. Andy Sixx. Christopher Drew. Johnny Depp.


Playing guitar or piano, shopping, soccer, volleyball, singing


Music. Singing. <3

Favorite Music

Screamo, techno, rap (sometimes), indie, alternative, and Definitly oldies. ;) Christopher Drew is a very inspirational part of my life. His music has got me thru a lot.

Favorite TV Shows


Favorite Movies

The Phantom of the Opera, Romeo and Juliet, Any scary movies (as long as they aren't dumb)

Favorite Books

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe.

Favorite Quotes

Everybody dies but not everybody lives.
Music is my life.
Music is what feelings sound like.
Love is the weapon.
I am I, you are you, we are we, we can live in such harmony.
When your life feels lost fight against all odds.
Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out!?

Favorite Heroes

Batman, Christopher Drew, the US troops, and lastly, well you of course! :)


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