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About Me

I'm just a Pigeon, living your average Pigeon life-style of flying, and scrounging for food.

I'd like to meet

Hillary Clinton, Martin Luther King JR (If he was alive) and George Washington.


Airsoft, school, video gaming, spending time with family and friends.


Roller Coaster Design, Advertising design, Video Games, and more.

Favorite Music

Marilyn Manson, Tool, Liquid Stranger, and more

marilyn manson tool liquid stranger
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Favorite TV Shows

The X Files, COPS, MadMen, The Simpsons.

Favorite Movies

Black Hawk Down, Safe House, The Green Zone, Austin Powers, District 9, and more.


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  • Marie-Jacqueline 2012/03/15 20:53:50
    Thank you for the add!

    Thank for your support, and you don't say sorry for those people on that post we both answered. They aren't able anymore to see beyond their views and convictions.
    Try to keep an open mind, that is enough!

    thank you
  • Renegoesrawr 2012/03/12 09:44:31
    That happens to me all the time .. hahaha (X .

    And its okay , i'm a cat lover too ! Me and my family hoping to get a new one soon (x .
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2012/03/09 15:17:45 (edited)
    Look Kid I am to busy trying to save this country for kids like you ...you need to grow up more to understand people like me !! I do not have time for kids play!! Bill Maher, Sandra Fluke, and so many more are destroying this country!! MOST of all Obama he is a EVIL man !! I have a 15 yr. old granddaugther who knows this and she is right by my side how I am and all that I do to SAVE this country !! KIDS like You are to much in play time and DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON !! For if people like me did not do what we are trying to do Obama WILL MAKE THIS COUNTRY A MARXIST STATE ...We are almost haft way there now!!!! Good bye and sorry no time for you . because judgeing by your post on SH you DO NOT GET IT and can NOT have any kind of intellectual conversation with me!! In any case take care . Most of your friends on your profile are liberals and I truly think you are too !! I WAKE up kid and see what is going on in this country if you what to have any kind of intellectual conversation !!
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