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Hi there. I see you've stumbled upon my profile. Well, I'll try to keep this section short.
I'm just a small, country girl, living in the middle of nowhere. I voice my opinions - sometimes a bit too much. I feel that I can talk to my mom about the most things; maybe she doesn't listen to me most times, but at least I get the problem off my chest and feel better about it. And if I don't... Well, I'm sure you guys will hear about it!

I hope to someday make a difference in this world. How? I'm not sure.

Just a little tid bit to haters:
The homophobic ones: You don't like gay marriage? You don't like gays? I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but it's your own fucking fault; YOU are the straight ones who can have children. YOU are the ones giving birth to homosexual babies. :)
Slash haters: Just stop. People can write whatever the hell they want. Shut up. I don't bash you for writing hentai; what gives you the right to read my story when I give you fair warnings that it is SLASH? You KNOW you don't like slash, so why the hell read it just to say, "Well, I don't like slash, so I don't like this." You think I give a shit if you don't like slash? No, because I did not write it for you, dumb ass.
Overly-religious people: I get it. You have strong religious beliefs. But you must understand that not everybody has the same religious views as you; not everybody has as STRONG beliefs as you. Like me, for instance. I believe in a God, and I believe he is accepting and loves everyone - regardless of what they do. You don't think the same way? Then just go away and don't try to shove the bible down my throat. Thank you.

I'd like to meet

Harrison Ford
James Franco
Viggo Mortensen


I write constantly. If I'm not typing on a computer, I have a pen and notebook.


Reading; writing; watching movies

Favorite TV Shows

Doctor Who

Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings trilogy
Star Wars film series
Freaks (1932)
The Outsiders
Son of the Morning Star

Favorite Books

The Outsiders
My Brother Sam Is Dead
The Ransom of Mercy Carter

Favorite Quotes

"We choose to go to the Moon, and do the other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard." -John F. Kennedy

"Without hope, life is pointless. So you... and you... and you... You've gotta give 'em hope. You've gotta give 'em hope." -Harvey Milk

"I don't mind to die like a man fighting, but I would not like to be killed like a dog unarmed." -Billy the Kid

Favorite Heroes

John F. Kennedy
Harvey Milk


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