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I'm Rachelle. I am 21. I work the night shift at the valley inn as a cna. I have a wonderful son named Zack and an amazing boyfriend. I love yu. I have a great family and a few close friends. I love to listen to music and go shopping. I love to get my hair and nails done. I can be a girly girl or a tomboy depending on my mood. My favorite colors are pink, limegreen,purple,black and turquoise. I want to go back to school when I can. my mood changes with the season. I tend to be happiest in the summer. I'll add a bit more later if you want to know anything else feel free to ask.


Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley, Poetry, Sleep, The Snowboarding Block on Yardsellr, The Skateboarding Block on Yardsellr, The Bowling Block on Yardsellr, The Birds Block on Yardsellr, The Billiards Block on Yardsellr, The Drawing Block on Yardsellr, The Martial Arts Block on Yardsellr, The Remote Control Airplanes Block on Yardsellr, The Remote Control Cars Block on Yardsellr, The Sculpture Block on Yardsellr, The Collecting Lunchboxes Block on Yardsellr, The Painting Block on Yardsellr, The Sailing Block on Yardsellr, The Boating Block on Yardsellr, The Camping Block on Yardsellr, The Reading Books Block on Yardsellr, The Bird Watching Block on Yardsellr, The Coffee Block on Yardsellr, The Interior Decorating Block on Yardsellr, The Horses Block on Yardsellr, The Horseback Riding Block on Yardsellr, The Collecting Pottery Block on Yardsellr, The Rubber Stamping Block on Yardsellr, The Antiquing Block on Yardsellr, The Being a Mom Block on Yardsellr, The Hiking Block on Yardsellr, The Magic Block on Yardsellr, The Collecting Buttons Block on Yardsellr, The Basket Weaving Block on Yardsellr, The Woodworking Block on Yardsellr, Spending Time With My Son, Walking, Texting, Listening to music, Writing, Working, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Tattoos, Piercings, Body piercing, Hotwheels, Killing Ants, Loading HATERS please wait..... ████████████████] 99%, Singing in the bathroom, blanket on, too hot. blanket off, too cold. one leg out, perfect, until the awkward moment when the demon from paranormal activity grabs it:/, I Am Not a Poser, Loading Swag... ████████████████ 100%, Purple, Black, Blue, Green, **i WISH there was a NOTiFACTION to let MF'ers KNOW u have DENYED their Friend Request; SO..they would ((STOP)) sending the Bull over and over AGAIN..!, Son: I got an A on my Chemistry test! Mom: WTF, well done. Son: What do..(See More), *Girl crying because her boyfriend broke up with her* Friend: "Its ok, you can do better......" BEST FRIEND: "Lets get you lookin sexy, kick em in the balls, GTA: Vice City, ******The First Time Someone Used The Middle Finger******* Person 1: I'm so mad right now, i could just, i could....GAH ****St, Thats What She Said, I'm 20 years old and i can't get a better job than at a fast food place; it's the only place that will hire a high school graduate. i'm socially, Di Caprio never died in Titanic, The end scene of Titanic is of him going underwater. The beginning scene of Inception is him waking up on a beach. Its l, Based on psychologic study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months........... If it exceeds, you are already in love., Sorry For Missinq Yur Call.. LMFAO JK I Iqnored Dat Shitt!., Hello Kitty, I Love Chinese Food, Anything That Makes Me Laugh, Star signs, Talk, I am strong because I am weak. I'm beautiful because I know my flaws. I'm a lover because I am a fighter. I'm fearless because I have been afraid. I'm wise because I have been foolish. & I can laugh because I Have known sadness., Workin Out, Praying, Performing Artists, Hangout With Friends, Martial arts, Hanging Out, The Shit You Hear About Me Might Be True but Then Again It Could Be as Fake as the Bitch Who Told You, Chillin, Lamborghini, Internet, Yoga, Anything weird, crazy, and wacky, Webcomics, "Don't Fuck With 2 Many I Hold It Down By Myself", Specialty coffee, Not Caring What People Think, Playing Volleyball, Shoppen, Lyrics, Batman, Gettin Money, Haute couture, Make Music, Down's Syndrome Is Not an Illness Because People With Down's Syndrome Do Not Need Medication to Make Them Better What They Need Is the Right to Be Accepted by Society the Same as Everyone Else, Study, Design, GTA: San Andreas, Shoppin, Karate, Spending Time With My Family and Friends, Taekwondo, Hair stylist, People Person, Bachelor's degree, U.S. Military, Skinny jeans, Reading Novels, Softball, School, Research, Go Out With Friends, I Like to Spend Time With My Family and Friends, Watercolor painting, Touring, English language, NASCAR, Motivational speaking, Waffle House, Waffles, Texting everywhere, Volley ball, Living Life, Web design, Car Shows, You can spend, minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened - or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on., Spirituality, Disneyland, Biscuits and gravy, Deep Conversations, Massage Therapist, Soap Making, Boxing, Skating, My Family, I'm Interested in Music, Sailor Moon, Chill-out music, Bowling, Levi Strauss & Co., Ireland, I Want a Relationship That Will Last Forever and Wont Fade No Matter What, Girls With Tattoos, The Joker, Old School Skateboarding, Hang Wit Friends, Many Things, Muffins, Beef jerky, I Love My Lips, Playing With My Children, I Love Shopping, Reading and Being a Mom, My Family and Friends, Learning All I Can, Being the Best Mom I Can Be, Living Life to the Fullest, Drums, Youtube Poop, Hang Out, LAUGHING, You Mad? Oh Well...Can't Whoop My A**, Swimming pool, Taking Baths, Walking Around, makin ma haters mad, Internet Surfing, Gummy Bears, Have Fun, Clubbing, Health and Beauty, Having fun, Silly String, Mixed martial arts, Social dancing, Hairstyling, All Kinds of Shit, "There's a bee!" "stand still, it won't hurt you." "FUCK THAT! I'm running!", Shoe Shopping, Extreme sport, Combinations, Researching Trends, Things That Are Interesting, College, Loving My Mother, Sleep in, Hangin Out, Sitting on My Ass, Stewie Griffin, United States Navy, Snowmobiling, Meditation, Thinking, Walking on the Beach, Basketball, Quest for the historical Jesus, Christian spirituality, Play Music, Hang Out With Family, Getting Wet, Piggy Back Rides, I Like to Party, Helping Others, Being Rich and Famous, I learn, I spin, I live, and I love. <3, Stop Snitchin', Business Owner, Going to the Movies, Pinball, Drinking, TALKING ON THE PHONE, Going to Parties, Atlantic Records, Interscope * Geffen * A&M Records, I Love Music, I Am Always Up for Anything, Peace, Playing Music, Star gazing, , Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot I only exist to you when you need something., I'm the type of girl who can be so hurt but still look at you & smile. The type of girl who is willing to brighten your day even if i cant brighten my own. <3 <3, Going to the Gym, "You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before, she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect, you aren't either, and the two of you may not even be perfect together. But if she can make you laugh,, - Unless you've lived my life don't judge me because you don't know, never have & never will know every little thing & detail about me, You cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give, Driving, Flowers, Too often we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Too often we're too stubborn to say, 'Sorry, I was wrong.' Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts, and we let the most foolish things tear us apart, Networking, Stuff, Walking Around Town, Read, Going Out to Eat, God's last name is not "Dammit." Press Like if you agree! =), -At a haunted house- -girls looks at boy- girl:I'm scared...Lets go back. Boy: Don't wrry ill protect u- -Boy walks into spi, Hot Cheetos, Gym, Guitar, Books, Ice cream, Concerts, Being Awesome, Here's to the guys that love me, the losers that lost me, and the lucky bastards that get to meet me., The Universe, Vans, Skate shoes, Paranormal Investigation, Spending Time With My Family, Creating Opportunities, Psychology, Cuisine, Healthy Foods, Hanging Out With Friends and Family, I Believe That a Strong Relationship Is Not Based Only on Sex Life but That a Strong Relationship Builds a Strong Love Life That Leads to a Strong and Great Sex Life and Can Only Happen With Open Communication, Running, Love 2 Dance and Sing, Kissing is healthy Bananas are good for cramps.Chicken soup actually makes you feel better. Its true. Guys DO insult you if they like you. Having someone rub your tummy when it hurts actually helps it. 89% of guys would want girls to make the first move., Sorry i missed your call.. LOL jk i ignored that shit., Weddings, Graffiti, Street dance, Shopping for Clothes, Cuddling, Games, Restaurants, Xbox 360, Harley-Davidson, Work and College, Healthy, Steak, Eating Good Food, Eating Out, Coffee, Bacon, Food, Great Food and Wine, Wine and Food, Good Food and Wine, Food and Wine, Wine, Going Out, Partying With Friends, Glamour photography, Homer Simpson, Behind Every Beautiful Girl There Is a Dumbass Guy Who Did Her Wrong and Made Her Strong, watching land before time!, Don't take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn't. ♥, Shopping Shopping Shopping, Doing Hair, if you can't stay faithful, dont be in a relationship. simple., Sorry Im Allergic to Bullshit, Tatooing, Phone, Work, Shaving, I don't regret my past I just regret the time I've wasted with the wrong people!, Volleyball, Writing Music Lyrics, "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe, Beaches, --who are you to judge the life i live?...I know i'm not perfect and i don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean!--, While you SCREAM at your woman there's a man wishing he could talk softly in her ear... While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND & INSULT her There's a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman There's a man wishing he could, Reading Books, Holidays, Business, Career, Milk, Tradition, Facebooking, Reading and Writing, Fun, Traveling, Camping, Travel, Job, Shopping, I Enjoy Shopping, Shoes, Gym, TED Talks, Volunteering, Adidas, Workout, Friendship, Chocolate chip cookies, Soccer, I Roll With Pretty Bitches, Cooking, Makeup, Sunglasses, Love Is Never Easy and Distance Doesnt Make It Any Easier by Any Means but It Does Make You Realize What You Want What You Need and Most Importantly Realizing That One Person You Dont Mind Missing Because Its the One Person You Cant Live Without, shopping, Nightclub, Breathing, Net Surfing, Spending Time With Friends, Nature, Beach, Learning, Entertainment, Make-Up, Chocolate, Massages, i rather be hated for who i am, then to be loved for someone i'm not, Reading, Hold Every Person Close to Your Heart Because One Day You May Wake Up and Realize That Youve Lost a Diamond While You Were Too Busy Collecting Stones, Love, Veterans for Peace, Exercising, I Have a Laughing Problem, Cash, Working Out, Religion, Crafts, Skateboarding, Shopping mall, Money, Exercise, Writting, Graffiti, Being Friendly, Magazines, Partying, Cinema, Airbrush, A Great Relationship Happens When Two People Who Truly Understand Each Other and Love Each Other for Who They Are Come Together and Create Something Stronger Than Either of Them Could Ever Be on Their Own, Hiking, Watching Movies, Children, I Love to Work Out, Sleeping, Jewelry, Surfing the net, Listenin' to Music, Party, Jogging, Excercising, Singing, AS WE GROW UP; your best friend becomes your worst enemy. lollipops turn into blunts. the innocent ones turn into sluts. homework goes in the trash. cellphones are being used in class. time out becomes suspension. soda becomes vodka. kisses turn into sex., Striving to Be the Best That I Can Be, Horseback Riding, I am who I am, if you dont like me... Thats your problem., Singing and Dancing, Travelling, Hugging, Hanging Out With Friends, Toys for Tots, Let's see if there are 5 million people on FB who believe in God! Press Like if you do!


Cosmetology, MAC Cosmetics, Eyeliner, My Son, Music, Church, God, Family

Favorite Music

We Belong Together, Carrie Underwood, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, T.I., Insane Clown Posse, Cascada, Tarique, -Dear Sluts , Please Control Your "Whoremoans"., "Are you forreal?!" "No dumbass, I'm for fake.", chris brown ( R'N'B ), The Cranberries, Skillet Music, Bow Wow, God Created Space In Our Finger That Someone Hold Our Hands Tightly Forever, The Jimi Hendrix Block on Yardsellr, The Rolling Stones Block on Yardsellr, The The Doors Block on Yardsellr, The Grateful Dead Block on Yardsellr, Alicia Keys, AKON, Wiz Khalifa, Guns N' Roses, Ashley Tisdale, Share the music, Jason Mraz, Linkin Park, Collide by Howie Day, Rob Thomas, Hayley Williams, Friday and Saturday Nights, FEEL FREE TO HATE ON ME!, TRE LOVE, What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you., I Wanted Love, You Gave Me Tears. . ., Emo scene, YoU aRe mY WhOle WoRLD, Jennifer Lopez, DJJT, Without music I'd probably be dead, Jazz D, Team Sexy Af, † Lady GaGa ate my heart †, Gaga fashion, Action da lifa, Young Trigga, I don't want you for the sex i want you for your heart, I Got 99 Problems And They All B*tches ( iShare ), " I Hate It When My Earphones Are All Tangled Up ", "Insaine Boys" (Taylor Gang), Asking Alexandria, The Killers, Trey Songz, Waka Flocka Flame, Hiphop, Stevie Nicks, Yu ignored my txt but I c yu had time to update yur FB status, Mindless Self Indulgence, Javie Baby, Meko B, Ca$h Money Lavi$h-D, No matter I m Dead or Alive "I m Always with You", FresH KreW, Your Intelligence Is My Common Sense :-P, Everything Except for Country, Heart Touching, Wiz Khalifa (Share For Share) #I Need100 Like, Pitbull, Plain White Tees, Bullet for my valentine, Nickelback, Support Yunq Byrd (iSHARE!), TwoTwo, Sean Paul, Swagga, RichKidd, Kanye West, Song/Poem writter, Lynkz, Planet kway, Khid Prince, Anything, Unstoppable4ce, Smooth Criminal, Young Cam, Mario Valentine, Jay suave, Whenever i can't find something it just magically appears when my mom looks, Pretty Eyez, After Monday & Tuesday even the calender says W T F ;D, Sublime, Rap & Hip Hop, Shaggy, Real love Just like a dream, Out-of-Genre Covers, Monica, Enrique Iglesias, James Blunt, Nirvana, _Rap_Hip-Hop_Reggae_, Far East Movment, Daddy Yankee, Hilary Duff, Pink, MGMT, Kesha, South Park Mexican, BRING ME THE HORIZON, Rock and roll, Metallica, A Lil Bit of Everything, Third Eye Blind, LMFAO, Pussycatdolls, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, All Kind of Music, Pop, Punk rock, Fleetwood Mac, Borderline Insane, Bob Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Cradle of Filth, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin Official, Rammstein, Rock and More Rock, Comeback Kid, don't you hate it when Jason Derulo keeps asking you what you said ?, Death Cab for Cutie, The Beatles, Usher, Katy Perry, Alternative rock, Eminem - Recovery, Maino, Rap, Hip hop music, Janis Joplin, That laugh Lil' Wayne does in all his songs, Heavy metal music, Gucci Mane, Green Day, Adam Lambert, brokeNCYDE, Taylor Swift, Rock, Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Disturbed, Paramore, Rihanna, Switchfoot, Dance music, Techno, Shakira, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg, Pussycat Dolls, Beastie Boys, Pretty Ricky, I dont hit girls, but I will make an exception to Justin Bieber., Music Lover, Jessica Simpson, Laughing at people who audition for American Idol and FAIL., Lil Wayne, Journey, Guns N' Roses, Rock music, Backstreetboys, R&B, O.A.R., Pearl Jam, Music Is My Drug, Ashley Simpson, Daughtry, Grateful Dead, Rock music, Korn, I Love Music!, Simple Plan, Boys Like Girls, Drake, Pop, Mary J. Blige, Sum 41, Electronic music, P!nk, Lady Gaga, The Ramones, RnB, Pop rock, Michael Jackson, A Day To Remember, Muse, Papa Roach, Tim McGraw, Creed, Petition To Shorten Lil Wayne's Jail Time. (NEED 1 MILLION), Sara Evans

Favorite TV Shows

The Steve Wilkos Show, America's Next Top Model, MTV, The Hills, World News Now, Oi Slag. when the dentist said open wide. he didnt mean your legs, Spider-Man, Smiling, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, So You Think You Can Dance, House, Being Human, MTV Roadies, Family Guy, Dexter's Labratory, Join if you like "Everybody hates chris", Like if you remember these malicious cunts, South Park, 'I wasn't that drunk' 'Dude, you got fucked by a chick with a dick'', Like if you remember this psycho bitch, Showtime Boxing, Oh Im Sorry !! You Looked Good - From Far Away ;/, 1,000 Ways to Die, The Family, MTV Roadies 8.0, Doug, Jersey Shore

Favorite Movies

Toy Story, Zombies, You Are Never Too Old For A Disney Movie, R є м є m b є я ~ м є . . ., Comedy, If u can only love me in my dreams, Let me Sleep forever, Rocky Horror Picture Show, [Humor] How Dare You Call Me a Rapist !!! Jk, Get in the Van, Twilight Fans Giveaway, Of all the LIES you told me, ‘I Love YOU’ was my Favourite, like !!!, We enter the world alone,we leave the World alone.So it's better to Alone, 50 First Dates, Prop Archives, Babies, The Hangover, action, The Twilight Saga, Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop., Zombieland, Cry For Cuts And Stitches, Not For Bastard And Bitches., YOU BETTER PUT SOME WATER ON THAT S#!T, Its Funny How Sitting "Boy Girl Boy Girl" Used To Be a Punishment., 2012 Is NOT Real , It Just A Fuckin Movie xD, I Hate Myself When I Start Crying In Front Of Someone :/, Fight Club, FB is a Legal DruG

Favorite Books

Pogo's Kids, ღ I caηт ƒoяGєт мy ƒιяѕт Lσνє ღ, Cookbooks, Magazines, Ѕσмєтιмєѕ уσυ нαvє тσ gєт lσѕт тσ "ƒιη∂ уσυяѕєlƒ", Someday Someone Will Walk Into Your Life and Make You Realize Why It Never Worked Out With Anyone Else, If I was "16 And Pregnant" id get a slap not a TV show., Teacher Call It Cheating , We Call It Teamwork, S.I.N.G.L.E. = (S)tress (I)s (N)ow (G)one (L)ife's (E)asier, Ur HUGS n Kisses R Lyk The Stars That Light Up My LYF Whn Things Get DARK, Poems, Education, Bible, Self-help, Horror movies, #TeamBaddestBitch, Texting someone, and falling asleep while waiting for the reply, “Love is when you shed a tear and still want him, it's when he ignores you and you still love him, it's when he loves another girl but you still smile and say I'm happy for you, when all you really do is cry.”, The girl I will love after you, will call you mom., The Twilight Saga, I love hearing somebody lying, when i know the truth : ), I Wish I Had A Theme Song That Played Whenever I Did Something Awesome :], Aww! Your dating my ex? I am eating pizza, you want those leftovers too?, Time never heals a wound, It just makes You addicted to the pain


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