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Im just me, strange, mad, crazy, hyperactive and always smiling. I take life one day at a time and what doesnt kill me onlt makes me stronger. :) xxx p.s i am extremely accident prone ... or careless depending how you look at it, today ive walked into 3 doors, one wall, fell up the stairs three times and fallen down them twice, :P xx

I'd like to meet

Anyone and everyone, funky, crazy, funny, interesting people i guess :)


Umm I play the voilin and have been for 8 years, I fence, although foil is my favourite im good at epeé too, i also play rounders and netball, although i dont enjoy them much and i rollerblade and iceskate too :) xxxx


Ummmmmm reading, yes i admit it, im a bookworm if ya dont like that then deal with it cause im proud of my nerdy-geekiness :P, ummsodahead cause i love asking questions :) and avoiding all forms of physical exercise which is team related as it enivitably end up with me last picked and some form of injury required by the end of it :0 xx

Favorite Music

well i live under a rock when it comes to music, im not fussy i just dont like classical or screamo, my mum loves pop and country while my dad loves rock so i listen to both :)

Favorite TV Shows

Big Bang Theory... hello, geeks :D
how i met your mother .... the actor who plays barney, why you gay?!?!?!? :(
Inbetweeners :P

Favorite Movies

27 dresses
Breakfast at Tiffanys
How to lose a guy in 10 days
Inbetweeners the movie
and sooo many more <3 xxxx

Favorite Books

Im not even going to attempt this the list is too long :)
but harry potter series is definitely on there as well as the inheritance cycle and the true blood series too :) xx

Favorite Heroes

My grandma for always having the strength and perserviance to get her through the tough times, Best friends Annie White and Beth Foster for always being there and making me smile. :) xxx


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